6/05/2011 It makes me very happy to announce that one of the authors who have been posting at this site from the very beginning had just her first book published. Look for Cat's Quill on Amazon Cat's Quill or other book retailing sites. and also check out some of her fanwork on this site Anne

1/29/2011 Thanks to some spammer who has nothing better to do than go around posting spam links and bothering people I had to disable the public posting feature for reviews. From now on people have to be registered and logged in to post a review. Sorry about the inconvenience,but I figured it is better than authors getting emails about reviews with spam links in then.

After one too many goof-ups (and that puts it mildly) by my current webhost I've decided to switch to a new host. While I am at it I'll also upgrade the site,  add a few new features and a new layout. Since the entire project will take several weeks if not months I'll be working on it in several phases...

11/20/2010 Stories are now displaying a status (by default set to WiP) which authors can update either while posting a new chapter or through the edit story page (options are work in Progress, Complete or On Hold in case an author decides to take a break from a story for one reason or another). Thank you to 'Freddy Freeloader' for suggesting this feature.
In addition to genre, stories can now also be filtered by status and rating.

11/19/2010 A new privacy feature now allows members to enable/disable feedback notification, private emails and newsflash notifications.

11/17/2010 Replies to review notifications are now being sent directly to the person who left the feedback. In the past I noticed a few authors trying to reply to the review notification emails, without probably realizing that those were just computer generated messages with no real return path. I changed that today by setting the reviewer's email address as return path for those messages (unless of course the reviewer left no return address).

 11/15/2010  Members can now personalize their website look with one of 16 new themes from Relena pink to Sexy (I mean Zechsy) silver.

 11/08/2010  Finished changes to the registration and login system. If you have trouble logging in make sure to clear your browser's cache and     remove any old cookies from this site you might still have stored in your browser.

 11/01/2010  After a short preview over the Halloween weekend, I put up the new default layout. Eventually there will be several different  color schemes members can pick from.

 10/19/2010  Added a direct return path to emails send to members

 10/20/2010  Minor changes to the login system. Check member section for more info.

 10/17/2010  Stories, chapters and reviews can now be posted again

 10/17/2010  The Main page is up and all html files are working. The site can now be accesses from www.gundam-wing-fanfiction.net as well as www.gundam-wing-fanfiction.com.

 10/17/2010  The site should  now be fully functional again

 10/17/2010  Arvixe completed the transfer of the site to their servers and set up my new domain name www.gundam-wing-fanfiction.com

 10/11/2010  Backed up everything, archive is now in read only mode