This glossary defines general Gundam Wing and fanfiction terms that you might encounter on this site

/ A slash (/) between character names usually refers to a romantic relationship between those characters  (i.e. Heero/Duo)
+ A plus (+) between character names refers to a non sexual relationship between those characters
x A x between character names refers to a sexual relationship between those characters
1 Heero Yuy
2 Duo Maxwell
3 Trowa Barton
4 Quatre Rebarba Winner
5 Chang Wufei
6 Zechs Merquise
9 Lucrezia Noin
11 Lady Une
13 Treize Khushrenada
Angst Refers to emotional suffering of the character
AU Alternate Universe, AU fictions are set in a place slightly different from the original story setting
Beta, Beta-reading Refers to editing and commenting somebody else's work
Bishounen "Beautiful young man" -- refers to any male so inhumanly handsome that he's pretty, as often seen in popular anime
Canon Refers to events and plotlines that really happened in the actual story or anime series
Chibi Japanese for "small person or kid", usually refers to very young,very cute characters
Citrus A story with very strong erotic tone
Crossover A story that combines two different fandoms
Deathfic A story in which one or more characters die
Doujinshi A non-mainstream manga mostly based on a existing series
F/F f/f Refers to a romantic relationship between 2 females
Feedback Refers to comments made by readers regarding a story
Flame Refers to viscous and insulting feedback, usually frowned upon
Fluff Cute and lighthearted story, usually short and sweet
Fluff Angst A story that starts out dark and angsty with a cute and happy ending
Fusion A kind of crossover in which the character(s) of one fandom replace the character(s) of another
GWLBWLB Girls who love boys who love boys,  or in other words female slash fans
Het Short for heterosexual refers to relationships between characters of opposite gender
Hentai Japanese for "perverse", refers usually to somewhat kinky stories
Kawaii Japanese for "cute"
Lemon A NC-17 rated explicit sex scene
Lemonade A cute and  fluffy lemon
Lime Tasteful seduction, R rated sex scene
Manga Japanese comic books
M/M m/m Refers to a romantic relationship between 2 males
Muggle Non magical folk (Harry Potter)
MWPP Story about Moony, Wormtail, Padfood and Prongs (Harry Potter)
OC Original Character -- A character created by the fanfiction author
OOC Out Of Character --A character behaving different from his or her personality established in the original story or series
OT Of Topic
POV Point of View -- A story told in first-person from a characters point of view
PWP Plot What Plot? -- A story without an actually plotline
SAP A sweet and fluffy story
Self-insertion A story in which the author includes himself/herself as a character
Shoujo-ai A sweet romance between two females
Shonen-ai A sweet romance between two males
Slash A story with same sex relationship(s)
Songfic A short story revolving around the lyrics of a song
TBC To be continued
Vignette A short story revolving around a brief period of time ora single subject
WAFF Warm And Fuzzy Feeling -- A cute and sappy fic or scene
WIP Work In Progress
Yaoi Romantic relationship between males
Yuri Romantic relationship between  females