Panty Raid

At 10am his alarm went off and Ken dragged himself and a clean pair of boxers into the bathroom. Ken was on the late shift again 11am to 7pm. Even though the shop closed at 6pm there were still flowers to cut and arrangements to be made for the early deliveries the next day. He had gone out the night before to some sports clubs he knew, because he wasn't coaching today.

He took a long shower and as he dried off, he wondering what was up with the rest of the guys. They had been acting strange around him all week, conferring secretly all week with abrupt stillness when he walked into the room, he still didn't have the stealth of Ran when it came to finding out covert information. Usually he was in on the planning stage for the antics of his roommate. The timing was off if they were planning for his birthday. He put his shorts on and realized there was something wrong.

He looked down to find he was wearing a pair of red silk boxers with little black hearts all over them. Sneaking into his room he pulled out his socks and underwear drawer to find all of his blue and white cotton boxers replaced with a colorful array of slippery silk material. Then it dawned on him, this was what was up all week. He grabbed two handfuls of material and madly charged down to the kitchen.

"What the hell is this!" Holding up his arms as if he had scored a goal, hands still full of material. The three daemons from hell stopped conversing and burst out laughing. He knew they would all be taking a break, none of the culprits wanting to miss the action. "Where are my cotton boxers you drawer scavengers."

“Its garbage day, they are all gone.. Long gone and good riddance." Yoji said from his perch on top of the counter.

"You have no right to go into my room and choose my clothing." Ken said heatedly as Yoji jumped down from the cabinet and strolled towards the door to the shop.

"We do if you insist on walking around the house in your ugly skivvies." Omi said as he scurries out behind Yoji.

“You helped them do this, didn't you, Ran?" Hurt filled Ken's voice as he turned to look at the only other occupant left in the room.

"There hasn't been a lot going on lately, since we came back to the shop. Besides my grandfather wore similar shorts. Don't you think its time for some excitement in your life?" Ran said as he glanced down Ken's sporty body. "It was not my idea, but I liked it. Better finish getting dressed, the lunch crowd will be here shortly." Ran stood up from where had been lounging against the wall and stalked out.

I'll get you back. All of you back for this one. If they think they can mess with Ken-Ken and gets away with it, they don't know him well enough. Yet. Plotting, Ken went back upstairs with his new silk shorts and finished getting dressed for the day.

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