Title: Alternative Directions: Options 1/??

Series: Gundam Wing

Author: Karina

Genre: Adventure, Mystery

Archives: Tresses [6x2ml.cjb.net]

Pairings: eventual 6x2, past 2xH, 2+H, 6x9, 1+R others as they crop up

Warnings: It will be 6x2, even though it does not start out that way. After all, Zechs and Duo never met in Gundam Wing and only spoke briefly over a com line in Endless Waltz. I've tried to keep them in character as I saw them in the series.

Summary: Directions is set post Endless Waltz and roughly 2 years have passed. Gundam pilots are now 18 years old. Zechs and Noin are on Mars and Duo, after spending some time with Hilde in a relationship leaves L2 to join Preventers. Hilde was not happy about his decision. I guess enough said. This is also AU for the standard Setting [our universe], as well as the series and Endless Waltz.

Spoilers: Gundam Wing Series and Endless Waltz

Rating: Deffinately PG in Australia, at the moment, but probably safer to say R for later chapters. Not sure about international ratings.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or the lovely boys and their girls in the series. Wish I did. Please don't sue me. I haven't even got a brass razoo to give you.

Alternative Directions: Options

' ' Thoughts

. Speech

** Flash back

Chapter 1

New Port City


Year: AC 198 Date: January 26th


Time: 02:53

I stared at the screen without really seeing the words written there. This whole thing had an unreal quality to it. Almost otherworldly. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought the search would have shown this type of result. This was the stuff of fiction. Hell, it dated right back to the twentieth century, when that maniac tried to take over the world. Hitler. Hitler and his ideas of a superior Arian race. God, was this stuff real? It couldn't be.

That was when it started, though. At least, that was the earliest references to it that my search had found so far. It had taken me six months to dig up what I had to date. The mission I had been on for the Preventers to shut down a laboratory experimenting with genetic research to produce the perfect soldier had seemed straight forward. Heero and I had had very little trouble finding the laboratory. He was intense, furious in his cold way. Determined to stop the research. We opened up a can of worms I know I had not been expecting to find. I'm sure Heero didn't expect it either.

That place gave me the creeps. It was unreal. Why can't I get that out of my head? Unreal. Otherworldly. Science fiction. Yeah. Yeah, that's what its like. Science fiction-only I know its not. Its real. The proof of it is in front of me now, on the screen. The proof of the mad doctors existence. Okay, not mad as in Mad, like Frankenstein. At least they didn't experiment with body parts. Ah, well, I suppose in a way they did. All those references to the taking of DNA samples from the identifiable family members. Teeth mainly, especially from the ones who had been dead for hundreds of years. It was so carefully stage managed. Romefeller.
God, what didn't they have their hands into? We found evidence fairly early on into our investigation that they were involved in this research. It well and truly pre dated their backing of Oz. Hell, it pre dated the Alliance. Okay, Maxwell, be honest. It probably had its roots somewhere before the Dark Ages. Evidence keeps coming to light that pushes the dates further and further back.

To begin with, the old Romefeller seem to have been like an international stud book. Only the livestock were not animals, but people. Yeah. The nobility and royalty of the early ages were watched and recorded, particularly marriages. Even the `other side of the sheets' births were registered and some attempt at a family history added into their files. Some of those bastard children had their own `books' opened on them that now trace for hundreds of years, if Romefeller liked the results of the `breeding'.

I always thought I was fairly liberal minded but-hey, I begin to wonder. Around the sixteen hundreds some of the marriages in the European courts were actively pushed or broken up by Romefeller interference. I have found references to assassinations being necessary to stop the contamination of highly desired bloodlines on a number of entries. I never really bothered with history, certainly not history pre dating the colonies founding, but I've done a fair bit of research in the last few months and its given me a new perspective on life. Freedom of thought, freedom to
love and freedom in general being the prime areas. I am so glad not to have been born into one of these families.

Romefeller still exists. I have no doubt of that. They're in hiding. I have dated entries in front of me from yesterday. The Romefeller Foundation we fought during the war was not the true Romefeller, just their public front. I don't know how we are going to catch the real guys in charge of this, but we will have to, somehow, because they will not give up. This lab was only one of many they have. Heero knows it. I know it. By now Une knows it too. They don't know this though. Not yet. I don't know if I should reveal what I now know, or if I should delete all references to it and pretend that it does not exist. Never existed. I wish I never read this.

I might have to reveal some of it. Yeah. I like that better. Some of it. Not all of it. There are still a hell of a lot of families out there who tie into these genetic charts. A lot of the old nobility and royalty still live and have power enough to cause a lot of problems. Most would probably be horrified at what I have found. Romefeller wasn't afraid to kill or blackmail to get what it wanted. It certainly wasn't afraid to lie or play with the truth. I have even found kidnappings here. These guys are sick.

God, I don't know what to do about this. I can't think. Its three in the morning and I am going to have to make a decision soon. I have no choice about that. Une is expecting a report and I haven't even started it yet. What I now know changes so many aspects of the war. No doubt she wouldn't like knowing that her bloodline has been nurtured for the last six hundred years. Nurtured? No, not really, but controlled, certainly.

I can't reveal all that I know yet. I don't know enough. Just the tip of the ice burg. That's all I really know. Bits and pieces. Okay, some of it is pretty big pieces, but its not the whole thing. I can do my report leaving out what I have found in my private search, stick to the information I found with Heero. He's thorough, but he hasn't been into these files yet. Hasn't found the reference that tweaked my curiosity. I have to get some sleep. I keep going in circles.

Yeah. Sleep. Sounds good. Maxwell, you are not your usual self. You got to sleep, man, or you will never know if your right or not. Nothing hasty. I don't know enough, but I have to do something. Romefeller are still playing dynastic games and I happen to know people involved in those games. God, I wish I didn't. Your rambling, Maxwell.

Okay, crunch time. Down load what you've found so far, shut the bloody computer down-no, scratch that. First hide your tracks. These people are ruthless and if they find a hint of what your search has found you will be a target. Down load. Takes a while with what I have accessed so far. Yeah, done. Lock it up tight so no one can access it-enough to keep even Yuy scratching his head for a while at least. That should be enough to protect the information, keep it secure.

Now cover my tracks-ah, no! Damn. A hound. They found something and set a hound on me. Got to redirect-yeah, that should do, but I think I need to disappear for a while. Find a new place just in case they can identify me somehow. Heero's Dog Catcher should take their hound around the world a few times and hopefully back to home base.

Time to pack. Just as well I don't own a lot. Nothing cumbersome, at least. Always quick and easy to pull up stakes and move on. Ah, yeah. Rent was paid up for another week so that's okay. Have to find another place and make some decisions. A hotel for today at least. Right, out of here and find a place to sleep.

I have to think. Decide what to do. Someone is going to start killing people before too long. The question will be, who will be first? Shit, it had to be raining, didn't it? Who will be first? Yuy? He won't be a push over to kill and he'll be able to protect Relena, but everyone has bad days, and these people in the past have been known to take huge bites when a nibble would do. I wouldn't put it past them to blow up the entire building just to get one person. I'll have to sneak in a general alert for Relena's safety without letting it be known who sent the warning. Problem is I don't know which will be their target. Do they target Relena and anyone she gets romantically involved with-namely one Heero Yuy-or do they target Him.

Gah! Just what I need, ice cold rain water down the neck. Well, at least I won't be going to sleep immediately. That was enough to wake anyone up. Hmm. Was that-? Ahm. Just slip into this alley, I think, just to make sure. Yeah, someone just entering the building- shit, its Yuy. I am so not ready to talk to him about this. What does he want me for, anyway? Oh shit, yeah, the report.
Its late. No, damn it it's early. Five in the bloody morning. Still, this is not a civilized hour of the day to come calling. Time to vanish and write the bloody report already. Might put in for a little r'n'r. Yeah, I just might. Give myself time to think about what to do.


Note that though it started just before three in the morning it did
take Duo time to down load the information and to make sure the
Hound set on his heels was dealt with. So roughly two hours passed
between the beginning of the chapter and the end.

I apologize now if I screwed up the formatting of this, but it is my
first try. Hope I got it right.

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