Warning: Mia’s not treated well in this so don’t read if you’ve got a problem with that

Warning: Mia’s not treated well in this so don’t read if you’ve got a problem with that.

Disease of Hate

By: Zorra

Chapter one- Nightmare come true


“I hold a dark secret that may lurk in the souls of faceless people. I'll pretend that nothing is wrong and go on living my life, just as I've always done. But I cannot pretend forever. This secret will eat at my soul and consume me as nothing has before. I'll wrap myself in darkness until it kills me.”


“Don't forget your coat, it's going to be cold tonight,” warned Cye, handing Mia her black jacket. 

“Thanks,” Mia smiled. Tonight was going to be a special night. She and Ryo were going to a fancy restaurant and a movie. She had high hopes that Ryo would ask her to go steady. She'd been dating him for a few months now and things were starting to look serious. 

Ryo smiled over at her and she felt a warm tingly feeling spread through her body. “Shall we go?” he asked, extending his arm. Mia smiled, lacing her arm around his. The others watched them climb into the car and drive off. 

“Let's go play some video games,” suggested Kento. They retreated into the warmth of the house and the enjoyment of video games for the remainder of the evening.

So far it had been a wonderful night. After the movie, the couple had gone to dinner and then to the ice cream parlor for desert. “I'll be right back, Ryo. There’s something I wanted to get while we’re here.” Mia broke away, disappearing inside the shop they’d just walked past. Ryo nodded and waited patently outside the store.

A beautiful redhead girl saw Ryo standing alone and came up to him. When Mia returned, she found Ryo deeply engaged in a kiss with the other girl. Some harsh words were said and Mia confessed her love for Ryo. Angry, Ryo just shrugged her words off and told her she was foolish to think such things. He cared for her deeply, however, she would never be his girlfriend. He was looking for someone closer to his own age. 

“How could you do this to me?!” shouted Mia heartbroken.

Ryo shrugged, “I don't know. Rai here is my own age and we have a lot in common.  Plus,” he admitted with a slight blush, “I've had a crush on her for a while now.” Rai wrapped her arms around Ryo with a gleeful smile. “Now I'll see you later this week, ok Rai? Come on Mia let’s go for a walk.” 


“What's wrong? Don't you want to finish are date?" Ryo asked completely oblivious to his lack of sensitivity.

“HELL NO!” she screamed and ran off. 

Ryo ran after her, down the street and into a dark ally, cursing himself for his stupidity. A piercing scream shattered the air. Ryo came to a dead stop as blood splattered his face and shirt. Mia hung limp for a claw that protruded from her chest, her eyes frozen open in horror. Ryo resisted the urge to vomit as he stared at her mangled body.

His attention was shifted from her still form to the creature holding her. It was a rough looking male beast with scaly brown skin. He stood a good five feet taller than Ryo with glowing yellow eyes, long craws, and bad breath; with only a peach fuzz of black hair atop it's head. The beast roared in warning taking a steep forward on its hind legs. Ryo steeped back, he didn't have his armor orb with him. Seeing that Ryo was no threat the creature hunched over and took a bite out of Mia's stomach. Ryo's demur faltered as his vision began to swim. He ran from the ally and the gruesome sight, praying that no one would find Mia's body and wondering how he would explain this to his friends. He stopped a few streets over to empty his stomach of the night's dinner, before he continued on.  Never once wondering where the beast came from.

It was late by the time Ryo started home. Pretending that this night was no different than any other, as he calmly walked down the dimly lit street, silently enjoying his solitude. ‘I'm as anyone else in this late hour’ thought Ryo. In truth he was scared. Afraid of what he’s seen, afraid of what the others would do and say when they found out what he had done and aloud to happen to Mia. But most of all, he was afraid of a new feeling inside him.  He was almost... happy that Mia was dead. Oh sure, she was a good friend and all, helping the Ronins out and giving them a place to stay. But at times she was an annoying bitch that got in the way and they had suffered for her interference. 

Ryo closed himself off from these thoughts, as he became aware of people looking in shock and terror at him. To afraid that he was in a gang or going to hurt them to meddle in his affairs or ask if he was all right upon seeing the blood he was covered in.  Ryo diverted his eyes to the ground so as not to look at anyone. His long bangs conveniently hanging in his face covering the tears on his cheeks. Tears? Why was he crying, he was happy that Mia was gone, wasn't he? Ryo couldn't decide.  His thoughts ran rampant again, it could be that he was crying from fear and shock, or that he was upset about the fight he'd had with her before she died. 

Then a stray thought struck him bringing more tears to his eyes. Was his virtue gone? Would he still be able to call on the Wildfire armor? Did he really care if he could? Ryo broke into a run.


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