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Submitting to the Future
By: Zorra Reed
Beta by: Valandra

Blood fills my mouth, chocking me. It runs over my lips and down my cheeks and chin in rivulets, till my lower face and throat are covered in the slick, crimson stickiness. The substance gathers at the base of my neck, dripping down to join the rest of the blood and mud I lay in. For once, I donít care what happened or about my friends. I just want the pain to stop. Thatís the only thing I can focus on; my pain is my anchor to consciousness.

It starts to rain. I attempt to roll onto my side as the cold droplets splatter on my face, half drowning me as the water fills my mouth. But the pain that courses through my body is enough to foil my attempts and I lay still, my limbs trembling.

All other sound is drowned out by the downpour of rain save for the slow ticking of a clock. The constant ticking is a soothing sound that beckons sleep. I blink slowly. Through my tunnel vision I can see the clock thatís within arms reach. Itís just a normal wind-up alarm clock, nothing special. I snort at that thought, even as my sight blurs and my eyes slip shut of their own accord. That Ďnothing specialí clock is the reason Iím here in the first place. I sigh, feeling my head grow lighter, as memories of the recent battle flood my mind. I get this feeling of floating and it scares me. Scares me so much that I literally grasp the ground around me in an attempt to hang on. Hang on to what? I do not know, my soul perhaps, to stop it from escaping. Exhaustion refuses to let me call out for help, not that Iíd be heard over the wind and rain. So sleepy, maybe just a short napÖ.

Thunder sounds overhead and I flinch in spite of myself. Why am I so scared of storms? One would think Iíd be used to them by now. Not some sniveling, squealing, coward that screams every time she sees lightening. Chibi-usaís afraid of storms too, but sheís better at overcoming her fears then I am. Sheís so much like Darin. I never told her, but Iím proud of her. Sheís such a remarkable child when sheís not annoying the hell out of someone.

Ticking? Oh the clock. My mind must have wondered again. When did it start raining? Why canít I move? Iím too tired to care anymore. My questions will have to wait for it seems Iíve lost my struggle to stay awake. Though I canít remember why I wanted to in the first place.


They found her lying in the street; face up, drowning in the rain. She bleed from many wounds covering her stomach, back, and arms. A small clock rested nearby but sheíd made no attempt to reach for it. I had seen the start of the battle from afar and summoned the others on the communicators. Transforming to my sailor form, I quickly rushed to her aid.

Sheíd fought as Sailor Moon, alone. She didnít have the chance to inform us of the attack. It was sprung on her as she was walking home from the arcade. I was supposed to walk home with her but Iíd run out of money and decided to go for a walk around the park instead, saying Iíd met up with her later.

The Yama (a clock given a female human form) attacked Usagi from behind, cutting a large gash in her back. After that, the clock woman turned her attention to a couple that was passing. Usagi took the chance to transform. I pulled out my commentator to call for backup as I watched Usagi remove her tiara, transforming it into a disk. She hadnít used her tiara in ages it seemed. I had almost forgotten it was a weapon.

We keep under estimating what she can do. Thinking that all her power lies in the crystal or her staff. That staff isnít even channeling her own power and the crystal only works when the princess calls on it. Itís so easy for us to overlook Sailor Moonsí abilities, which are just as strong as any of ours.

The Yama cried out in pain as the disk collided with her back before returning to Sailor Moonís hand. With fury in its eyes, it attacked again. I joined in moments later, aiming my own attack at the Yama. It seemed to cycle like that, one of us would get a hit in, then the Yama would attack, then itíd be our turn again.

Extending her long spike like claws, the monster attacked as we double-teamed her.

ďGive up Sailor Scouts! You canít defeat Tic Tock.Ē

ďWeíll never give up!Ē Sailor Moonís determined but tired voice rang out clear over the battlefield.

Tic Tock laughed at us. She was stronger then weíd anticipated. With one arm I was shoved roughly away as I aimed a low kick to her knees, hopping to knock her feet out from under her. The force was so strong; I was slammed into a nearby tree and lay at its base, dazed for a moment. I saw her scrape her long nails down Sailor Moonís side as she tried to turn to avoid an arrow-like thing that shot from the creatureís mouth. The blow caught Sailor Moon off guard and she stumbled. That was the opening the beast had been waiting for.

She gripped our leaderís arm with her iron-like hand and twisted it behind her back. Until, with a cry of pain from Sailor Moon, it cracked under the strain. Tic Tock proceeded to tear into her captive with bloodied fingernails.

ďNO! STOP!Ē I cried. ďVenus Love Chain, Encircle!Ē

My beam streaked across the distance between us and collided with its target. Tic Tock was surprised and pained by the beam of energy that burned its way through her body. Sailor Moon, a little disoriented, saw her chance and twisted out of the Yamaís grip, stumbling a step before doubling over in pain.

Our situation looked hopeless, the others still hadnít shown yet, and I didnít have the energy to use my attack again. With sorrow-laden eyes, I saw the Yama leap towards Sailor Moon; but to my surprise it was stopped mid-stride by a soft glow of light that pulsed around it. I traced that light to its source. Sailor Moon was tapping into the crystalís energy to defeat the creature. My mind suddenly filled with worry over what could happen should she use too much of the crystals energy. I couldnít bear to lose her again. Not like that time on the asteroid.

Tic Tock screamed in defeat as her body plopped to the ground, withering in agony as its skin dried up and cracked. A light issued forth from within and consumed her. When it faded, only the small alarm clock was left. I looked up from the clock to Sailor Moon, who was still kneeling, her weight on her hands and her breathing heavy. After a moment she moved her hand to her bleeding belly a shocked expression gracing her features. She de-transformed and slowly slid to the ground, wrapping an arm around her bleeding stomach protectively and crying.


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