Turning the tables

Turning the tables

By: Zorra


Ryo knelt before lord Talpa in his sub armor.  “You have disappointed me again, wildfire.” Said the emperor.  Ryo remained silent, his eyes on the ground before him.  “You have excelled in training, so why are you still not able to use the power of your armor? None of the other warlords have this problem.  Anubis tells me your mind wonders to the earth. I have warned you about this.  You no longer belong to that realm. You shall not think about it again.  Soon now, the humans will be our slaves and the mortal world shall be mine.  You may go now, but this is your last warning.”


“Yes mighty lord.” Ryo stood, placing his hand over his chest and bowing to his lord, “I will not disappoint you again.” He turned on his heal and walked out of the thrown room. “Because I won’t be here,” he added to himself. 


Ryo rushed to his room and packed his few belongings.  “I’m sick of Talpa ordering me around.  I don’t want to be a warlord anymore.  I’m going to the mortal realm and finding the Ronin Warriors. Maybe I can help them put a stop to Talpa’s evil. But how to get there?” 


Ryo waited until dark before he slipped out of the gate and into the nearby forests.  He came upon the borders of Talpa’s kingdom.  “Now what?”


“Where do you wish to go, Wildfire?” asked a mysterious voice.


Ryo spun around sharply, “Who’s asking?”

“I am known as the ancient, young one.” Ryo starred at the odd man. He wore a monks robe with a large round hate that shadowed his eyes and carried a golden staff with three rings attached to it.  Ryo knew this man at once. Lord Talpa had spoken of him often. 


“You’re the one that destroyed the emperor and trapped him here, aren’t you?”  Ryo asked.


“I am.”


“Then you know where I can find the Ronin Warriors?”


“Perhaps.  Why do you wish to find them?” answered the monk.


Ryo was getting tired of playing twenty questions with this man.  “I’m leaving this world. I no longer wish to serve Talpa.  I want to join the Ronins and put a stop to his evil once and for all.”


Ryo waited for an answer, watching the man closely.  With a smile, the ancient raised his staff.  It began to chime.  Ryo’s attention was drawn to a large red door that suddenly appeared.  “This will take you to the mortal realm.  But be warned, it will not be an easy battle.”


“And staying here will be?” Ryo said sarcastically turning back to the monk. “Hey, where’d you go?” When no answer came, Ryo shrugged his shoulders and passed threw the gate. A large white tiger met him on the other said. “White Blaze! It’s good to see you again my friend.” Ryo hugged his childhood friend whom he’d not seen since the day Talpa had taken him.  “Lets find the others, the war will start soon.”


The End


Okay, this is basically a BS fic that lacks personality and pizzazz. But I haven’t the gumption to go back and fix it. I think it’ll do just as is, its still a good story for little kids at least. I was on fanfiction.net board out of my mind a few months ago when I saw this story titled “The Mysterious Outcastes” I was inspired by the title and wrote this.  

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