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Legends' End: Prologue
by Chibiange

During the time of the Holy Wars, darkness reigned; corruption ran rampent in all walks of life. Unfortunately, the ones who were supposed to be the most righteous were the most corrupt.

The Vatican, wanting more power, created an armor, obstensibly to aid the soldiers in the Holy Land; it was designed to be light, flexible, and very durable. And to wear the armor, they chose the most unsuspecting person--a Briton, a woman, who had lost her husband only months before to the heathen invaders.

In the Holy Land, she fought like a woman possessed; every enemy she came across went to meet his heathen god. However, when the war ended, she lost that desire and drive. She became listless and unstable. One priest, one of the more corrupt in the Vatican, decided to take advantage of such weakness. One day, he lay in wait for the woman; when she passed him on her way to confession, he pulled her aside and tried to rape her--the priest did not have to worry about her virginity as she was once married. What he didn't anticipate was the armor. In her desperation, she called on the armor and killed the priest. She quickly came back to herself and, after seeing what she had unconsciously done, teleported herself out of the city.

After two years of alternately teleporting and traveling by foot, the woman found herself outside a small, secluded village in Nihon, a small island country far to the east of her homeland. A monk in the village noticed her power and convinced the village elders to invite her to stay. Through the years, she learned their culture and language, soaking up the knowledge like the dry ground would water. She also found herself beginning to fall in love with the monk; when she confessed her desire for the monk, he too admitted his feelings for her. He gave up his calling, and the two wed.

She enjoyed her new life and was energized by her just-realized pregnancy; however, the peace was not allowed to last as invaders from another land attacked the village. Still in possession of the armor, she donned it once more to protect her new home and defeated the commander of the army, who, it was said, was the daughter of a demon. The village celebrated her victory, but she had no joy in it, as her husband died in the battle.

Her daughter was born months later; however, the woman could no longer bear to live without her soulmate. One night, she left her daughter, the armor's activation token, and a long letter explaining her plans, or lack thereof. Certain her daughter would be raised well, she fled the village and slit her wrists over her husband's grave; she died there in the hopes that her spirit would find his in the afterlife.

The next morning, the village awoke to panic as they realized their great protector had died, leaving her child an orphan. The elders, however, were able to placate the people, explaining that the armor was left behind so that her daughter could become the next protector. The girl, named Mahasiah after her guardian angel in Christianity, was then raised by the village and never had want for anything save her parents. Through the years, Mahasiah eventually gave the armor to her daughter to give to her daughter's daughter until the time came that the village's enemies no longer existed.

--excerpt from Mahasiah's journal, as told to her by Mukui Reiko


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