Wufei smiled looking in the backseat as he heard the sing song voice from his daughter Arkia. She looked just like him her face was softer showing the mix she had and her lips a little fuller than his. He loved her though her hair was back in a bun coming from the store she was singing the dishes she wanted to make and then went on to a song she liked. He was happy he had a good job running his own dojo. Une had tried getting him to work for the Preventers but he couldn't he couldn't go back to that world even though he was a warrior, the war was over he fought to end it and he helped do that, keeping the peace was up to the others. He also didn't want them to find him he had stayed hidden from them for a reason. He remembered it like it was just yesterday.

--10 years ago--

Wufei looked down at the knife, how he ended up here was easy to understand the track marks on his arm anything to block out the pain, the nightmares, the guilt, he had to laugh. It wouldn't be something he would ever think of himself as being in this place, doing what he has been doing. He had enough his apartment was trashed and he looked at the gun there was nothing left for him at all why even stay here? Why be alive so he could keep slowing killing himself or make it quick. Cocking the gun he pressed it to his temple and let out a breath closed his eyes and his finger started to pull the trigger. The phone ringing brought him out and he put the gun down growling and stomped over to the phone grabbing it he answered "What!" "Wufei it's happening Iím having the baby I swear she's yours if you don't come down and take her Iím giving her to the system." the woman on the other end he knew she hung up and he ran from his apartment.

Going to the only hospital in the area he rambled the name and was pointed to the room. When he came in the Dr. was already handing the baby to the nurse who was cleaning the baby off, Kim was on the bed screaming at the nurses to give her drugs. She was a druggy just like him but more hard core she never stopped while pregnant and it ended her up in a rehab center. He moved to the baby as she started to cry the nurse handed the baby to him and smiled. "She healthy is you the father?" Wufei looked at the black eyes staring back at him and he smiled as she held his finger she was strong. "Yes sheís my Arkia, Arkia Chang."


He had cleaned his act up moved out of the slumps and had a new lease on life. Arkia made his life complete what he had been missing. She had become his beacon of hope and love. He had thought about contacting the others he knew they had children of their own but he never did he still didn't want to be reminded that he still didn't have the one thing he still craved. When they got to the house he smiled as Arkia went to the back with him and grabbed some of the lighter bags he watched her run to the front door waiting for him. her hair reaching far past her waist the white dress she wore was one of her favorite to wear. With each other they were playful, with other people she was more guarded. He unlocked the key pad and walked in her laughed echoed in the house but stopped he went to go call for her to ask what was wrong but pain exploded in his head. The bags fell to the floor and his training kicked in he lashed out trying to block the next hit he grabbed the manís hand twisted it and had him on the ground his other hand on his spin about to press in the right spot he knew would break it and he stopped when he saw Arkia.

She was being held by one of the men her legs kicking she was holding the mans arm terror in her eyes he saw the other two guns ready "Let him up or we will hurt the girl." Wufei didn't believe them so he snapped and went for the other he was shot in the leg. The two grabbed him held him and the one nodded he looked over frantic as the guy held Arkia arms back pulling her hair at the same time her head didn't move and his other hand grabbed the knife that was strapped to her side he started from the left side of her face the blood pour down as he kept cutting kept going went over her eye her screamed burned his ears and he fought he tried to get lose to get to her to stop this it went over her eye around her nose and across her lips to her chin he thought he was going to keep going but he stopped "That was just a warning."

Wufei gave in no way would he let them hurt her again. She cried and couldn't open her eye she held it with her free hand and her other reached out to him.
He didn't know how long the beating went on and he prayed they had taken her away. He knew at one point he ended up without his clothes his body was on fire with pain everything hurt and he passed out finally.

Arkia watched with her right eye she took in everything. She watched her father get beaten not fight back because of what they did when he finally passed out she had long since then stopped crying and stop calling them to stop. They wouldn't stop she looked at them. "I have to pee." the one holding her snorted "Fine lets go leave some of that gundam ass for me." Arkia didn't flinch, Changs didn't flinch. She now knew they were ruthless they were going to kill her father and use her to get to the other ex-points. She also knew they were stupid and took her nothing more than a nine year old girl. Which had her father been just a dojo trainer would have been true but he was an ex gundam pilot and had a daughter he taught her everything he had learned and some that weren't his moves but that of the other pilots. When the goon let her go to the bathrooms he smiled it was the one connected to her fatherís room. She turned the water on and opened the bedroom door carefully getting into his room she looked for the weapon she needed. She couldn't think about it what she had to do it was Friday night when they started it was now early Saturday no one would ask about them until Monday and then it would be too late.

Going to his bed she grabbed the dagger that had been a gift from one of his friends, Maxwell the braided baka. she slid it out of the stealth and looked at the blade it was the one he slept with the one that if something went bump in the night he would grab with his gun but she didn't know how to shoot he had never taught her that. she knew the Goon was waiting going back into the bathroom she let some water onto he floor and started to fake cry sitting on the ground like she had fallen the goon came in and growled something about fucking kids when he reached down she moved quickly she only had one shot at this. the knife went into his skin but she hadnít aimed right it stuck out from his eye the other wide his mouth wide but he dropped blood splashed onto her already ruined dress and she got up she checked for a pulse and felt it was fading. she took the knife out but had to put her foot on his forehead so it wouldn't come up when she pulled it took a few times but she was able to get it lose. One down two to go.

She could do this that's all she kept chanting to herself in her head. Her father was to hurt and they didn't expect her to do anything she ran out when to the corner her back to them and sank down crying hiding her knife and her front half from them. "Damnit I bet John wanted to play around with her he's supposed to wait on that go get him and bring him back here hank now." the leader goon told the other. Hank left and the lead came over to her" let me see how much he did your no use to me d-" he had come close enough this time she aimed right and slashed his throat she moved out of the way and stabbed him in the leg when he fell she kept stabbing him until he didn't move again when she heard the other one coming she waited and ran at him screaming at the top of her lungs Hank was already ghost white from seeing john and a bloody girl running and screaming at him had him trip on himself she jumped on him and hit him in the temple with the handle of the dagger. tieing him up she went to the phone and called Aunt Une. She had helped her father and her all the time she knew she could trust her. she stayed by her father covering him the best she could and when the door was broken down and men spilt in she held out the dagger going into her fighting stands. When she saw Aunt Une she relaxed and ran to her Une held her close and barked orders her father was taken to the preventerís hospital with sally and Une rode with Arkia.

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