Ghost Detectives

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Happy Chinese New Year!   新年快樂


May Happiness, Prosperity and Good Health Come Galloping
in Abundance this Year of the Horse


The Good Luck Charm


"I already told you, I'm not coming home this year, so will you stop calling me? This is really getting annoying, you know!"

Wufei was sitting on the couch in Treize and Milliardo's living room while talking on his cell phone. He and Duo had stopped at their friend's house after school as they frequently did.

The young man huffed at the person on the other end of the conversation, said something in Chinese that didn't sounds too friendly and hung up.

"I seriously hope that wasn't your mother you just hung up on." Milliardo walked into the room with some coke cans, handing them to his friends as he passed them.

"My cousin," Wufei explained with another snort. "Trying to convince me to go home for Chinese New Year. And I wasn't the one who hung up."

"Remind me, why is it you are not going, anyway?" The older youth slipped into the favorite chair, pulled up his legs and crossed them beneath his body; a impressive task to achieve considering  how long his legs actually were.

"Because." Wufei grumbled.

"Ah! Well that explains everything. But seriously… I don't claim to be an expert, but from what I understand Chinese people traditionally spend New Year with their families, don't they?"

"Yeah," the younger man confirmed, a little less grumpy. "But a six hour flight there and back again makes it a long trip just to spend a day or so at home."

"But this year Chinese New Year falls on a Thursday*," Duo pointed out. "You don't have classes on Friday anyway. Skip a couple days, head over  on Wednesday or so and come back Sunday night. That gives you  half a long week with your family. Or is it just that you are trying to avoid your cousin?" the young man added with a grin, and then  directed at Milliardo: "The last time they have seen each other was during our trip to China. She challenged Wufei to a Kung Fu skirmish … and won!"

"She?" Milliardo echoed, his grin mirroring Duo's. "You got your butt kicked by a girl?"

"Who got his butt kicked by a girl?" Treize's voice came from the hall where he was taking off his shoes. He had stopped by the dry cleaner on his way home, and was holding up a freshly cleaned suit and several shirts, trying to protect them from Cabal who was rushing in to greet the professor.

"Wufei did. By his cousin nonetheless," Milliardo explained.

Treize raised one eyebrow as he stepped into the living room, looking at the young Chinese man. "You did?"

" I don't see what the big deal is. Mei-Lin has trained Kung Fu for as long as I have. Besides, She won one fight out of three," Wufei huffed. "And only…" he glared at Duo," because this guy distracted me."

"Yeah, yeah, blame it on the little one," his friend smirked.

The professor laughed. "She really must have gotten you good, if it still bothers you that much."

"That's not it. What bothers me is that she always had to do everything I did. When I had an ice-cream cone; she would stomp her little feet and pout until my mom made me share it with her. When I climbed a tree; she had to climb an even higher one. And when I joined the Kung Fu school; she talked her parents into letting her sign up as well. Like a spoiled little princess, she would get everything and anything she always wanted."

"Now you have made me curious. Got a picture of the little 'warrior princess'?"  Treize asked.

"He does." Duo snatched his friend's phone from the table before he could be stopped. "A photo of the three of us together in front of the Forbidden City." He turned the device on and quickly flipped through the thumbnails in the picture gallery until he found the photo in question. He handed the phone off to Milliardo who nodded before passing it on to his fiancé.

"Nice picture," the older man commented.

The photo showed a girl in her late teens wearing jeans and a T-shirt, her hair pulled together in braids. She had slipped her arms into Wufei's and Duo's who were standing right and left of her, and was smiling sweetly for the camera.

"She is cute."

Treize was about to hand the phone back to its owner when it was suddenly snatched from his hand and hovered in mid air for a few moments. Abruptly the ghost turned and dashed, phone still in hand, up the stairs as though something big and ugly was chasing him.  


The four men exchanged surprised looks.

"He is not going to break it?" Wufei asked carefully, remembering that electronic devices and ghosts didn't mix too well. "I just got that phone."

"He has gotten better about it," Milliardo replied reassuringly. "I think he's figured out that electronics don't fry as long as he doesn't get too excited around them. But that doesn't explain…"

Treize nodded, called out as he stepped out of the room and walked toward the stairs: "Alexander?"

He took an involuntary step backwards as something cool brushed past him. Alexander was back as suddenly as he had left, heading toward Wufei like a chilly whirlwind. The young man had to react fast, but managed to catch his phone when it was dropped into his hands, along with something like a charm or amulet dangling from a band of red silk.

Wufei frowned as he studied the object. A combination of four mystic knots made of red and gold silk encircled a round jade medallion of deep imperial-green color. The medallion was hand-carved on both sides. Wufei's frown only deepened as he recognized the symbols beneath the dragon figure on one side.

"Where…" He looked up to where he assumed the ghost was. "How did you get this?"



Author's note:  I felt that so far Wufei has been a bit neglected in the Ghost Detective universe. Only fair that he finally gets his own story.

* The Ghost Detective series is set about a decade in the past, starting with The Portrait in Fall of 2002, Good Luck Charm in set in 2004 which explains  Chinese New Year falling onto a Thursday


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