Title: Formalised Traditions

Author: Karina

Rating: PG

Pairing: Duo + Wu Fei

Notes: Challenge 182. Baby Series 4 #2. Takes place approximately at the same time as An Auspicious Beginning.

Spoilers: None


Many thanks to ShenLong Deb for her work betaing this set of fics.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing or the Characters from the series but the baby is mine.

Title: Formalised Traditions

“Well, that went well. No rotten tomato throwing, no shouts for time in the stocks.”

Wu Fei slanted a glance at Duo, whose whisper had been so low he had almost missed it. Only a few of the people remained in the room and his security detail was preparing to escort him to the waiting vehicle. The small cavalcade of buses arranged to transport the new arrivals were beginning to pull away from the front of the terminal as each was filled.

“It was, I hope, an auspicious beginning. The Elder is not amused and most of them are… shocked?” He looked like he was unhappy with the word and shrugged after a moment. “Whatever, they will learn soon enough I will not return to the formalised traditions of the past.”

Duo shrugged slightly. “Do you intend to throw away everything?”

The dark eyed man snorted softly, eyes narrowing as the last of the people who had come so far because of him left the room. There was so much he had found to be stifling and restrictive in his younger years. He had, at one stage, been made to feel inferior. Little more than a well named and blooded, but impoverished, peasant in the eyes of the ruling family, until a shattering series of events had left him as one of the few with ‘desired’ bloodlines. Suddenly he had been good enough to be betrothed to the daughter of the Long bloodline.

It had been many years ago, but he had been old enough to understand his sudden elevation in circumstances. He had grown up knowing but for a series of accidents he would have been beneath the notice of the elite. It had made him more aware of the class restrictions than most of the elites and given rise to his penchant for defending what he saw as justice, not what he was told was worth the effort to defend.

Ah, how long had it been since he had thought of her, the one he had, if only briefly, wed? But no, now was not the time. She had been all fire and brimstone, a true Dragon of the line, but she had died for that fire in defending the very traditions he was about to toss out on their ancient, out dated and potentially very dusty, butts.

“It would not do to cast aside everything that made us what we were, but not everything is worth maintaining as our every day way of life. In effect, the Clan died with the destruction of the Colony. I am merely attempting to provide a home for those who have been displaced, and who were unable to settle to the way of life on other colonies. It may not work for them, that is their choice, but I have found a home here and I intend to keep it.”

“Mr. Chang?” He turned at the low voice to the guard who had joined them. “You car is ready, sir.”


Karina Robertson 2012

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