Title: An Auspicious Beginning

Author: Karina

Rating: PG

Pairing: Heero + Milliardo

Notes: Challenge 182. Baby Series 4 #1. Takes place a few minutes following In This Land.

Spoilers: None


Many thanks to ShenLong Deb for her work betaing this set of fics.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing or the Characters from the series but the baby is mine.

Title: An Auspicious Beginning

“All in all, I think, an auspicious beginning.”

Heero quirked an eyebrow at Milliardo as the King turned from the screen to face the door through which the security contingent would be arriving.

“I saw… little… of note.”

The ice blue eyes flicked back to him and a brief twitch of his lips showed Milliardo to be amused. He adjusted the broad brimmed hat, tucking up an errant strand of pale hair, and pulled the brim lower to obscure his eyes and cast much of his face into shadow.

“What you saw was Wu Fei effectively putting the Elder on notice. He was informed there will be no traditional meeting; no private council between The Chang and the Elder. In effect, for the moment at least, there will be no ‘court’ for the Elder to establish himself within.”

Heero considered the screen where Wu Fei stood motionless, watching as the members of the clan were ushered from the large room. Duo stood at Chang’s shoulder, eyes on the people moving about them. Every now and then one or two of the clan members would offer a respectful bow to Wu Fei who, in turn, would acknowledge them with a small inclination of his head. Every time Chang acknowledged someone in this manner a ripple would move through those in attendance, as though they could not quite believe it.

“He is acknowledging the individual, which someone in his position traditionally would not do. The Chang would, according to the traditions of the clan, see and interact with only a select few individuals and his words would be passed down a rigidly controlled chain in the hierarchy, eventually reaching the common people.”


Heero’s displeasure was evident in that single word and Milliardo could not help but smile. It was feudal, which was what the colony had been renowned for, keeping alive old traditions that had been thrown out of China many centuries in the past. A small traditionalist sect had given rise to the transplanting of ancient Chinese customs onto a sealed colony environment and surviving to the present day. Customs Wu Fei had no intention of continuing, at least not in the forms he had grown up with.

“It was, very much, an elitist culture. It is what he fears many will wish a return to, particularly the older members of the Clan who survived. Our Wu Fei is after a much more modern, relaxed affair, keeping alive their history but advancing forward toward the modern age, something that was banned for centuries.”

“It will be interesting to see how events progress.”

Milliardo inclined his head, stretching slowly, languidly. “Indeed it will. As I said, it was an auspicious beginning, but it is only a beginning. There are many ways things can deteriorate from here on, and we have a long way to go.”


Karina Robertson 2012

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