This is a joint story with my best friend Tala.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Side Notes: This is the result of far too much free time. There will be several explicit chapters and

some PWP thrown in for fun. We hope you enjoy.

Mission Report

A brand new mobile suit has been manufactured. Code name: Sagittarius. Lt Zechs Marques will be

piloting Sagittarius. Your mission is to destroy Sagittarius and capture Zechs Marques for questioning.

Sagittarius blueprints are attached. Mission must be completed before the mobile suit is unveiled



“Mission accepted.” Heero

“No Problem.” Duo

“Let’s go Maganac’s.” Quatre

“…” Trowa

“It will be done.” Wufei


“The message has been sent Lt.”

“The plan is in motion.” Zechs read over the plans for the Sagittarius and smiled. “We should

expect 01 within the hour.”

“Yes sir, all is prepared.” Otto said. “Everyone to your stations!”


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