Prologue: Aftermath

By: Valandra

The coldness was all around, all encompassing; a frozen wasteland, strewn with fear…pain…loss…hatred and anger less their flare. It was numbing both body and mind, seeped completely into him, filled him to the point of solidity. Except for the gapping hole in the back of his mind and deep in his heart. It teased the edges there, causing them to grow, to bring him further down.

As his body and mind were filled, so too was his vision. Pale skin, once sun kissed now snow-coated. Cracked lips a deeper purple then any bruise, it almost looked painted on; the drying blood on them did away with any such hope. And finally the eyes, the twin objects that so consumed his vision. Once so full of life, of a love for it and hope, such unrelenting, reckless hope and head-strong courage, gone. Stolen away like a fresh breath to a diver. Their dimness gave no doubt that there was nothing left behind them, nothing anymore for them to play window to. Those brilliant blue eyes, wild like the animals their possessor grew around, were worse then tamed.

And it was his fault. It happened because of him, for him. And he never realized it until it was already completed.

Something colder then death touched his shoulder from behind, and Date Seiji awoke with a scream.

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