The Eyes Have It


No matter how much you smile, no matter the mask you build, no matter how high the walls you hide behind or how strong your façade, your eyes will always betray you.


Try as hard as you like, but one look into your eyes will reveal it all—every emotion, every thought, every desire.


I hate it. I hate knowing how easily I can be read, hate knowing how swiftly my jester’s mask can be shattered—if anyone would bother to try.


But no one has ever bothered. They have never tried to see past the façade I present to them, to look deeper than the surface.


If I smile, they smile back, and cannot see the sadness hiding within my eyes.


If I laugh, they laugh as well, or chastise me, and cannot see the anger hiding within my eyes.


If I hug them, they hug back, or push me away, and cannot see the desperate, broken loneliness that shows within my eye, the need for just a simple touch—just one, to let me know that I still exist.


When I look in the mirror and see my eyes, I wonder.


How can they not see? How can they look me in the eye and not realize that everything about me is a façade, that if they would look just a little farther, dig just a bit deeper than the surface, that they would find so much more?


I can see it, every time I look in the mirror. Can see the emptiness, the darkness, the flames and pain and nightmares that haunt my eyes, turning the bright violet to a stained, shadowed indigo.


It’s my own fault, I know. I built this mask. But I still can’t help but wish.


But they will never see—never realize that when I close my eyes, the world is just a little bit brighter, for I no longer plague it with these dull, broken, empty violet eyes, that burn with a desperate hope for someone—




—to just see.




And there you have it. This has officially become a series, known as the “Death’s Masque” series. I already have multiple installments planned out, so plan for there to be quite a few before this ends.


Keep an eye out for the next one—Wooden Smiles.


And don’t forget what happens in any of these—some things said may become inspiration for other installments.

DISCLAIMER: I hold no claim whatsoever to Gundam Wing and any related franchises. Only the idea and the plot belong to me.




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