By Name


You’d think they would have realized by now, that nicknames are my way of saying I care. When everyone you’ve ever loved or cared for has died, you learn pretty quickly not to care too much.


But somehow, they all found a way into my heart, past all of my shields and defenses, and made me care for them. Even if most of the time I was sure none of them cared for me.


I tried. I tried so damn hard to make them see that I cared, to make them see that there was more to me than the masks that they saw.


Because despite what they thought, I was not a fool. I knew when to speak, and when to be silent. I knew when words were welcome, and when they were not. And I knew that sometimes, simply saying a person’s name, just their name, could bring them back from that dark edge that we all sometimes seemed to go to.


But I ruined that. Never called them by name, always a nickname. Hee-chan, Tro-man, Quat, ‘Fei. I thought that they knew. Thought that they could see that it was my way of saying I cared.


But they never saw. All they saw was an annoyance, an ignorant boy who couldn’t say a person’s name properly to save his life. All I ever got from them for it was anger, animosity, annoyance.


And not a single one of them ever realized, the day I started calling them by name.




...I have no idea what I just wrote. Here I am, 8:15 at night, and all of a sudden the words ‘by name’ pop into my head and bam! here we have this story. There are so many fanfictions with Duo calling all of the others calling the others by nicknames; it has to mean something to him. So what would happen if he were to stop?


DISCLAIMER: I hold no claim whatsoever to Gundam Wing, despite my most fervent wishes.

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