Just For Today
by: Erin (Starember19)

                Stars are such simple things. They are born, they burn, and they die. Such a simple existence, never knowing anything else, never knowing the burden of being human.

                Of having a heart.

                Never knowing love, heartbreak, war, suffering, pain.

                “Such simple beauty…I wish I were a star…” a boy murmured wistfully as he stared from behind the pane of glass out into the vast emptiness of space. He leaned against the window as he trailed a hand down it, barely registering the biting chill that had managed to seep through the thick glass.

                “I’m tired…so very tired…tired of war, tired of fighting. I’ve always been fighting…ever since I was born…I just wish it would stop, for even a moment…but it won’t. Because even if I have a moment of peace…the fight is always waiting on the fringe, waiting for the moment it can take over again…”

                Cobalt eyes stared out into the void, not really seeing it, too lost in contemplation to see.

                ‘Tomorrow is it…the end of it all. The war to end all wars…quoting the enemy, now, are we?’

                ‘But still…what will tomorrow bring? Will…will we still be here after tomorrow? Will the world still be here?


                He looked up, startled, to meet concerned aquamarine eyes.

                “Yeah, Quatre?”

                “Are you okay?”

                “Yeah…just thinking…”

                The blonde walked over to stand beside him, placing a comforting hand on top of his own, the one that still rested against the dark window of the observation deck.

                “About tomorrow?”


                The hand closed gently around his own, a world of comfort in the confusion and tension of the moment.

                “Don’t think about it, Duo. After all, after tomorrow…tomorrow’s the end, isn’t it? Either we’ll win, and the war will be over…or the White Fang will win, and this won’t matter anymore.”

                Duo looked up at him, a small, sardonic grin on his face. “Morbid thoughts from you, Quatre.”

                Quatre smiled back at him, but there was sadness behind it. “Yes…well…knowing that it will all be over one way or another really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?”

                Duo turned his gaze back to the window, his eyes far away again. “Yeah…it does…”

                Quatre shook his head and tugged Duo’s hand, turning his attention away from the window.

                “Come on, Duo. The others are waiting…”

                “…all right…” Duo stood, stretching nimbly, before following the blonde out of the room. Just before he left, though, he looked back one last time, gazing out at the stars with an unreadable expression on his face.

                ‘After tomorrow…will I still be able to look at the stars? One way or another, it’ll all be over tomorrow…but today, just for today, I’ll be me. Not Kid, not Duo, not 02, not a pilot…just me.’

                ‘Just for today…because who knows what tomorrow will bring?’


DISCLAIMER: I do not in any way, shape, or form own Gundam Wing. Unfortunately.

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