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Vincent was woken up from a very pleasant dream featuring two naked Cids by one very loud and grumpy one banging trough the kitchen.He tried to ignore it, so very much, but that was impossible on a good day. On a day like today though... Sighing, he got out of bed not bothering to put anything on. It had taken quite a while to get used to walking aroud without a cape, then followed by the shirt, boots and pants. There was nothing to be done about his left hand but Cid said it looked dangerously hot when it was the only thing he was wearing so he stopped worrying about it. Eventually.
Slowly going down the stairs, Vincent tried to think of a reason for a wake up call so loud but couldn't come up with anything. Shrugging his shoulders he faced the chaotic battlefield that was the kitchen. Cid had managed to drag everything out; the pots, pans, plates, glasses, even food from the fridge.
- Cid? What are you doing? - there was a stream of loud curses when the blond pilot managed to bang his head on one of the sharp edges.
- Dammit Vinnie, don't sneak up on me like that!
- Maybe if you didn't make so much noise you would have heard me - Another creative stream of curses was Cid's only reply. - What are you doing?
- Looking for Tifa's chocolate chip cookies. - Another thud but it wasn't the pilot's head this time.
- There aren't any, you ate them all yesterday morning. - Silence. Vincent stared trough the window at nothing.
- Vincent? - The gunman turned to look at his lover.
- Yes Cid?
- Why are you naked? - Cid had three 'moods' when it came to sex; 'fuck me senseless', 'i wanna fuck you senseless' and 'let's fuck each other senseless'.
- Because you said you wished I would always walk naked around the house - was his calm response and that was most definitely an 'i'll fuck you senseless' look.
Cid pounced.
Vincent was slammed against the wall, the rough surface scraping his back. There was a hand in his hair, pulling at the long black strands and the other squeezing his ass hard enough to leave bruises. Cid moved his foot in a way that made him spread his legs and lose balance until a strong thigh filled the gap and the ex-Turk couldn't resist pushing against it, rubbing his cock in a manner that made him growl. Their mouths were devouring each other, licking, biting, sucking.
Vincent loved when Cid was in control. He gave it up gladly because then the sex was always fast, hot and almost brutal.
When they separated to take a breath the shorter man pulled him by the hair and lead him to the middle of the kitchen to their cluttered kitchen table. It was cleaned in one swift motion and then Vincent was roughly pushed down on it, face first. He was panting so hard already just from the fact that he was there, completely naked with the other man completely dressed, and he grabbed the table adding another set of claw marks to the already existing ones.
- Fuck, how I love you spread on that table - was the growled remark and then there were fingers pressing inside, stretching him. Vincent hissed at the sting of first two, then three fingers but moved to get them even deeper because that meant Cid would get inside him faster and the pain was a delicious bonus.
Cid was panting and gasping above him, still completely dressed, cursing and murmuring words like 'fuck', 'hot', 'tight', 'beautiful'. Vincent whimpered in protest when the fingers disappeared but moaned in delight when a thick, blunt heat pressed inside him in one smooth motion. He was growling and moaning, barely breathing and clawing at the table tat was digging uncomfortably at his hips every time Cid pounded inside him furiously. He was unrelenting and it couldn't last, not at that pace and the usually quiet Vincent screamed his release followed closely by the groan from the pilot. Cid sagged against him, pressing his boneless body even further into the table.
- - he managed between gasps. A grunt and the weight of the other mans body was slowly eased. The pale skinned man felt heavenly, completely relaxed with the air cooling his skin and come trickling slowly down his thighs. He wouldn't move even if he could.
- Damn, I really do love you spread on that table - It was a sigh followed by a light smack on the ass that made him jump. - I'll be back sometime tonight - he said and then was gone. Vincent remained motionless until his breathing calmed then slowly, mindful of his sore body, got up. Everything ached but it was a good ache. It had been a while since Cid was this enthusiastic. He smiled, just a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth, really, then grabbed his phone pressing four on the speed dial. Waiting for Tifa to answer he made his way to the bedroom to put something on. There was no point in walking around naked if it wasn't appreciated. He was just opening the closed when Tifa picked up.
- Vincent! - He smiled again at her enthusiasm. Well, that twitch again, really.
- Hello Tifa - was a much calmer reply.
- What can I do for you? Cloud's not here
- I don't need to speak to Cloud, I need your chocolate chip cookies. - Silence. - Tifa? - There was a strange choking sound coming from the other side of the line. - Are you alright?
- Fine, fine. You want my chocolate chip recipe? - she sounded surprised and very curious.
- Yes
- Why? - came the bewildered question.
- Because Cid wanted chocolate chip cookies -  More silence followed that statement and then there was an understanding 'Ah'.
- I'll send Cloud with  the recipe, detailed instructions and everything you will need. Call me if you don't understand something, okay?
- Yes  Tifa, thank you.
- No thanks needed. Just let me know how it went later.
- Very well. Goodbye.
- Bye Vincent!
He hung up, put on some light pants  then went back down to clean up the kitchen while he waited for Cloud.


Cid knew something was strange the moment the house was in sight. For one, the living room was dark which was almost reason enough to panic because every night when he came home Vinnie would be there, sitting in his favorite old chair and read one book after another. The living room was dark which meant that Vinnie was not there. A closer inspection of their home revealed that the kitchen light was on. Vinnie never went to the kitchen long enough to require turning the lights on. Cid was the cook in their family.
He sneaked, well, more like just approached the house carefully  and silently opened the front door making sure they didn't creak, prepared in case someone decided to attack him. The smell hit him so suddenly it made him stumble. He closed his eyes and holding the door to keep himself steady, Cid inhaled the heavenly aroma spreading trough the house. Cookies! Tifa was baking cookies. In his house.
He folowed the smell and the familiar path to the kitchen only to be startled by a loud sound of something metal hitting the floor and a stream of curses that put even some of Cid's own to shame. Cid grinned, satisfied he had such an influence on the gunman. But wait a minute?! If Tifa was baking, why was Vinnie cursing? Running the rest of the way he reached the kitchen only to freeze at the sight that greeted him.
The kitchen was a site of pure and ultimate chaos. Platters and bowls filled to the brim with cookies covered every available surface of the kitchen except for the table which was too clawed up to hold anything without it falling over. And in the middle of it all was Vincent, wearing nothing but a pair of black sweatpants that rode low on his hip, all pale skin and black hair, both wearing flour and cookie dough stains, holding a tray of freshly baked cookies in his left hand. He was stunning.
- Vinnie...
- Oh, you're back - there was that twitch at the corner of the taller man's mouth that represented a smile. Cid just stared, open mouthed
- What - he cut himself off and cleared his throat and tried again. - What are you doing? - It was a stupid question but he got an answer anyway.
- Baking. I asked Tifa for the recipe but got carried away. There are chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, apple, almond and raisin cookies - It was all stated calmly and Cid did an amazing impression of a fish, his mouth opening and closing but nothing coming out. When they finally closed with a snap Cid took a deep breath, shaking his had in an attempt to clear it.
- Why did you do this? - he asked, shocked. Vincent just shrugged his shoulders.
- You wanted cookies - It was that simple.
Cid pounced. Again.
Vincent dropped the tray he was holding when Cid grabbed him by the hair and pulled him down for a kiss. The ex-Turk was taller and definitely stronger but he always allowed the blond to take control when he wanted it. That submissiveness in someone usually so dangerous and controlled was intoxicating. Add to that that the man was half naked in a kitchen full of freshly baked cookies...It drove the pilot mad  and for the second time that day He pushed Vincent down on that table face first.
One hand pulled the sweatpants down while the other touched as much of that pale skin as possible. They were both already panting and for someone so quiet Vinnie sure was loud during sex.
Cid spied a bottle of cooking oil making the gunman growl in protest when he left to retrieve it. Cid laughed and uncapped the bottle, pouring oil on his fingers which he then pressed inside the other man without warning. Vincent screamed his pleasure and Cid laughed again roughly finger fucking that amazing pale ass, undoing his own pants with the other hand. Pulling the fingers out he poured oil on his cock, hissing at the feeling og cold liquid touching his overheated cock and then he was pressing inside that velvety heat that was Vincent. He didn't stop to let the gunman adjust, but started a fast and hard pounding that had the man under him moaning and whimpering. Pressing even closer to that thin pale body he found that Vincent smelled of cookies and that was it.
One hand wrapped around Vinnie's cock, stroking in sync with his thrusts. Slamming in one final time Cid bit down on a patch of skin that had a smear of cookie dough and came. Vincent screamed his release and clamped down on the still hard cock he was impaled on.
Cid pulled gently out, separating from Vincent long enough to slide them both to the cold tile floor, pulling the other man back to chest when he leaned on the first available surface. When their breathing slowed somewhat the pilot grabbed one of the bowls and tasted one of the cookies. I was...perfection. he hummed contentedly and Vinnie turned around in between his legs to look at him. Cid realized that the ex-Turk was nervous.
It was funny actually. The other man survived Hojo, experiments and Sephiroth, twice, but was nervous about his cookies. It wasn't funny, It was amazingly adorable. Not that he would ever say anything out loud.
- Well? - was the anxious question and Cid smiled.
- Better than Tifa's - he answered truthfully and this time the smile was more that a twitch at the corner of the mouth. It was a real smile , with teeth, and the blond stared, awed by the sight then grinned himself.
- That table has to go - Vinnie said tiredly.
- No. I love you on it.
- I'll break it in two next time.
- Then we'll get a new one. But only then - he said firmly then returned to eating his cookies. Better than Tifa's.

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