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Chapter 1

It had been going on for almost a year and Naruto didn't know how much longer he could stand it, how much longer his conscience would allow it. Unfortunately, conscience and desire were not exactly walking in the same direction. Sasuke only need to give him one glance, one smirk, or one touch, and he would comply to anything that he asked him to do. Whether it was a mere spar or what usually took place... sex.

They would fuck each other's brain out crazily like there was no tomorrow and it would feel good... real good... but after that excitement died down, nothing was left but an empty feeling. At least, that was how the blond felt. Their intense coupling was filled with hisses, whimpers, groans, moans, growls, and screams, but not once... not even once... had Sasuke ever called out his name. Naruto, who was not willing to suffer from any embarrassment even though his pride, was not as big as the raven, decided to follow his lead. He also suppressed himself from calling out his best friend's name in ecstasy.

In Naruto's mind, not able to express ones feelings during sex was bad enough but that was not the worst part. Watching your lover leave your bed as soon as the sex was over and give you nothing but a peck was. That was the moment when the pain hit you hard and hurt you deeply.

But it didn't change the fact that here he was, again, trapped in one of those lustful-loveless nights of sex with Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto realized that it wouldn’t be any different from before but he couldn't help himself. When those long pale fingers traced along his spine, making delightful arousing motions, he embraced them eagerly.


Soon Sasuke's lips joined those fingers. They were trailing his back with hundreds of butterfly kisses; teasing and toying with him, forcing a moan out of his mouth.


The kiss on his moist skin gradually became harder and deeper. Naruto not only felt lips but also tongue and teeth. They lingered at the little crook between his back and his ass; kissing, licking and biting. Naruto had to bite the pillow beneath him to hold this insane urge to groan Sasuke's name. Desperately, he whimpered under the other man's touch.

Sasuke's right hand began to move lower, touched the back of his right thigh before it slipped between his legs, stroking the inner soft skin skilfully. His mouth was also moving lower. With the tip of his tongue he lined out Naruto's ass crack, made the blue eyed shinobi clench his stomach muscle and again let out another whimper.


Naruto was already on the edge of losing his control. Sasuke's touches always made him loose his mind. He wished Sasuke would just get on with it and fulfilled their hunger before he did something stupid like declare his undying love for him.

Heaven must have heard his prayers or his body gesture was easily read by Sasuke because said man abruptly stopped his movement and whispered, “Turn around.”

Naruto did and found himself face to face with Sasuke. Black eyes stared deeply into blue ones, and Naruto shuddered when he saw the raw hunger in those eyes. How he wished that he was able to see other feelings there, but who was he trying to fool here other than himself? At least Sasuke wanted him as much as he wanted Sasuke.

The last Uchiha had lowered his body so both of their arousal touched. It felt so good; it made them shut their eyes and hiss their pleasure at the same time. But clearly, it was not enough. Greedily, Naruto wrapped his legs around Sasuke's hips, pinned the raven down even more before creating a blissful friction that made them moan louder and louder.

Naruto caught Sasuke's face between his hands, pulled him down impatiently and kissed the hell out of him while rocking his hips faster. Sasuke's growl was muffled by Naruto's mouth and it got the blond -- if possible -- even more turned on. The kiss got so harsh, it was borderline brutal, Naruto could almost taste blood. God help him... but Sasuke always... always made him loose control.

Sasuke forcefully broke the kiss then reached out his right hand toward the table beside the bed to get a small vial. Naruto unwrapped his legs so Sasuke could kneel down between his wide open limbs. Urgently he put clear liquid on his palm and coating three fingers with it, he grabbed Naruto's left leg and put it on his right shoulder before gently inserting his index finger inside the tight passage. He drew his finger out then thrust it back deeper, he aimed for the right spot, as his left hand stroked Naruto's right thigh.


Sasuke inserted a second finger and Naruto whimpered even more. Frantically, he was moving his hips back and forth, in an inviting way. He got what he wanted, Sasuke added another finger and thrust deeply, again those fingers brushed his prostate.

“AHH!” Naruto screamed.

The screams got louder when at last Sasuke pulled out his fingers and replace it with his fully erect shaft. This time Sasuke screamed too. He grabbed Naruto's right leg and put it on his left shoulder, opened him up even more, then he began to thrust.

It was shallow, it was deep, it was slow, it was fast, it was gentle, it was harsh, it was everything and Naruto was close to madness. He was drowning deep in this pleasure and Sasuke was in no different state. Together they moaned... groaned… grunted… whimpered... anything but cried out each other's name.

Sasuke moved Naruto's legs from his shoulders and made them circle his waist instead as he bended over to claim his lips and plunge deeper and faster. Naruto buried his hands in his black as night hair and deepened the kiss. His tongue was shoving in and out of the raven’s mouth, matching the rhythm of said man's hips.

The pleasure became unbearable for both of them and they knew that they were almost at their end. Sasuke abruptly ripped his mouth away from Naruto's and got back on his knees. He grabbed the blonde's ass in his hands, lifted said man's lower body a bit above the bed before hammering into him furiously.

“Ahh... ahh... ahh... AHH!”

Naruto was climaxing so hard he felt like he would faint any minute, while Sasuke finished mere seconds after him, he collapsed on top of Naruto’s body. Both were trying to catch their breath while Naruto gently stroked Sasuke's back with the tips of his fingers.

Sasuke's body became rigid under that caring touch and started to move away from Naruto's. Usually Naruto would let him but this time he didn't, the blond seized his wrist tightly and Sasuke who was clearly surprised by his friend's behaviour gave him a questioning look.

“Stay... please...”

Still the sharingan user said nothing; he just kept staring at Naruto's blue eyes that were staring right back at his own.

He's not going to do it...

But to Naruto's surprise, Sasuke did stay, he lied down beside Naruto even though his body was still very tense. Slowly Naruto was letting Sasuke's wrist go and moved closer to him. He welcomed the warm sensation that his body felt when their skin touched.

This is nice...

Then he snuggled even more and put his head on Sasuke's right shoulder. He wished Sasuke would circle his arms around him and cuddle him but Naruto knew better. The fact that Sasuke stayed was enough for him... at least for now.

Therefore he didn't care if he had to do the work himself. If Sasuke didn't want to cuddle him then he would. And that was exactly what Naruto did, he threw his arm across Sasuke's well tone muscled chest and held him tight.

Mmh... very nice indeed...

Sasuke looked down at the yellow head that rested on his shoulder, at the tanned arm that held him close, and he had to admit to himself that it felt good. Gradually he relaxed and was ready to return any affection that Naruto showed toward him when something snapped in his mind.

I don't deserve this!

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's wrist and pushed him aside before he get on his feet. Hurriedly he collected his clothes that were scattered all over the room and put them on as fast as he could.

“Teme! What the...”

“I can't do this!” Sasuke cut Naruto's words sharply before letting himself out of Naruto's apartment.

Naruto let out a long sigh as the familiar pain began to strike him.

This is hopeless...


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