Author: Vamp
Pairing(s): Kakashi x Iruka, Kakashi x Ibiki.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ibiki takes Kakashi out on a date but both are going to need the help from there friends if it’s going to work out with out blood shed.
Warning: M/M sex, Angst,
Notes: Part of the Get him Now! World.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own twisted mind and the shadow bunny’s.
A/N: Each ninja has two playmates or sexual partners as well as one life-mate which they form a more intense bond with.

Part 1.

Ibiki sat in the bright sunlight at an outside table belonging to the small tea shop, that was both a public place, but also more than private enough in this quiet part of the village. He still felt the urge to move back, seeking shadows for cover. Most of the special jonin disliked being open and exposed, he more than most. His work was conducted in the dark, and away from prying eyes, his past held equal darkness, one he had come back from strong, but changed. Kakashi had let the tall torture expert chose the place for their first meeting or date, as the renowned pervert called it, and Ibiki was grateful for that small mercy.
He was still stumped by what the copy Nin had meant by ‘I will expect it to be your treat.’ hoping that just paying for the food and drink was enough. As expected Kakashi was late, just ten minutes, enough time for paranoid ninja to checkout whether this was a trap or trick, and also, no doubt, observe his prey. It's what Ibiki would do in the same situation.

Slightly uncomfortable at the thought of being prey once more, Ibiki poured tea as a distraction and with discretion, he looked away when Kakashi pulled down his mask for a quick sip. Ibiki knew what the other man’s face looked like, but also respected his odd quirk of wearing one in public, it was a comfort coping mechanism, just like his own long trench coat.

“How is Iruka feeling now?” He inquired, making an effort to be friendly.

Kakashi just arched his showing eyebrow, mask back in place to hide most of his emotions behind.
A soft sigh and slight slump in posture let Ibiki know there was more to the one word reply.
Knowing Iruka, he would be driving his life-mate mad as the teaching chunin had a stubborn will. He would be desperate to get back to his class of little monsters’ as soon as possible. Iruka was not the type to sit still for very long, he was always doing some job or errand or such thing.

Silence descended on the pair, as life flowed by them unaffected. A quiet that was both awkward and looming, making the sun seem too bright and too hot suddenly. Both looked at the other, feeling uncomfortable but not showing it. To the outside world it looked like the king of stone was just sharing a table with the prince of porn.

Kakashi could not work out why he was still here making small talk and not currently off someplace pounding into Ibiki’s ass. Hell, he’d take him now if it would not guarantee a quick and bloody fight.
Iruka had given him a long and mostly ignored lecture about how he needs to go slower than his usual breakneck speed approach to sex. Which had Kakashi confused, sex was a quick thing, different to love, and as he loved Iruka, what Ibiki wanted had to be sex. Until Iruka, Kakashi had never known lovemaking and he was still very new to that concept.
At the end of the talk Iruka threw his hands up defeated and just pointed to the bedroom window, dismissing his love.

So now Kakashi was trying to figure out just why Ibiki had chosen such a place so out of character for him, and he was also annoyed how this set-up gave Kakashi little chance to just pound into his tight hole in under five minuets.
Slowly he slipped the tea, a good brand too he noted, smooth on the tongue with a slight mint after tang that tantalized and danced on his taste buds.

“Let’s go back to your place.” A single eye studied the big man, pondering what damage had been done lower down.

“NO.” Ibiki gulped. “Let’s not, it’s not really set-up for visitors right now.”

“My place then, but Iruka’s still confined in the bedroom, so it would have to be the floor in the living room, kitchen table, or maybe the shower, wherever takes your fancy?” Kakashi calmly said.

He was very to the point, not wishing, the suddenly paling man opposite him a chance to play mind games with him. Iruka had stressed that Kakashi needed to speak plainly and make sure Ibiki understood the other man. Kakashi had tuned out the bit of the talk about this not being one of his orange books plot line.

Ibiki got up suddenly, cold calm surrounding him as his chair hit the floor, reaching in his coat to pull out some money.
With lighting reflexes Kakashi had a kunai at the other jonin’s throat, a sharp prick bought his attention down to the other hand of Ibiki holding a short knife hovering over Kakashi's guts, not a killing blow but painful and disabling still.

“I will pay for this, my treat.” Ibiki’s voice was hollow, dead, as he used the copy nin’s own words back at him.

Both men stepped back, also sheathing their weapons smoothly as they did so. Neither wishing to alarm the non ninja milling about the quiet streets. Laying the money down on the table Ibiki then took another step back, eyes like a trapped wolf watching Kakashi, before he made the hand signs to teleport away.

Kakashi blinked confused, he had been so sure there was going to be some hot sex today. Cock aching, he turned to return to his life-mate hoping Iruka would indulge him a little.

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