Author: Vamp
Pairing(s): Genma x Raidou.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Genma and Raidou take some time to their selves.
Warning: M/M sex, bondage,
Notes: Part of the Get him Now! World.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own twisted mind and the shadow bunny’s.

A/N notes: A life mate is the one you have a special bond with, like a married couple.
Play mate is one that you have close sexual relations with.
Each ninja is allowed two play mates and one life mate.


Genma felt his muscles twitch as warm air rushed over his exposed neck, a moan was emitted sending electrified tingles ghosting to his groin. One finger tracers round his stretched vulnerable neck, over the Adams apple and on up to trace the curve of his parted lips.

“You look divine.”

Genma gave a weak show of struggling against the thin leather straps holding him in place, wound round each of his limbs, they curled like dormant black serpents.

Raidou licks at an exposed nipple, a smile graces his lips when more soft sounds come from his life mate. Looking with eyes full of lust he also saw how close Genma was to his limit by the red straining member. His lover was not far off, just a little push and he could truly believe the bound man would tip over the edge with nothing more than a hot shared kiss.

Raidou’s scared face hovered in Genma’s vision for a moment before disappearing once more, but the quick glimpse, had him rolling his eyes and moaning like a two bit whore. What was his lover up to now?
Cool jell was coated over the restrained man’s dick, the temperature change doing nothing to cool the boiling blood keeping it rock hard.

Genma strained to hear and work out what was going to happen, a soft pop sound followed by a thud as something hit the carpeted floor. Then, tight heat was lowering itself round him, he could feel the inner walls of Raidou greedily clamping on him, trying like an eager mouth to swallow him whole.

He wanted to last, enjoy the slide of their bodies, but Raidou had kept Genma on edge for too long.

Both moaning, they climaxed together, cries bouncing off the specially built playroom walls so as not disturb their neighbours. Each of the flats in this apartment block had one included. Most of the residents were as perverted as them, but no-one likes to hear another person begging to be fucked for over three hours.

Once the lights stopped flashing and Raidou could see straight once more, he slowly rose off his mates softening cock, feeling the flow of cum move in his ass. He picked up a slightly bigger butt plug than the one laying on the carpet, to hold his lovers juice’s within him. Then he set about setting Genma free, helping him off the spanking bench he had been secured to and over to the large bean filled cushion.

Raidou could see Genma was still out of this world, lost to sub space, shaking his head slightly. It might take his most treasured possession a little while to get into the swing of the games they played, but he was so hot when he let go. It also took him longer than some to come back down, Raidou was used to this now, but had freaked out at first, which lead to a very interesting situation involving the pervert king and toad sage. Raidou will never, ever, interrupt those two while discussing Naruto’s training.

Kissing his way across Genma’s face, Raidou settled down to snuggle. He could see his life-mate was dropping off to a very content sleep, and he also could feel the tug on his own tired body. Making a note to thank Iruka for getting them time off work, it almost took out the sting after having almost lost their favourite playmate.

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