Title: Get him NOW!
Author: Vamp.
Pairing(s): Iruka and Kakashi, Genma and Raidou, (looks like others too)
Rating: R.
Summary: There is ever only one life-mate, you may spend five minuets of your life with them or fifty years, it’s all the same there is only one that happens in a life time.
Warning: M/M sex, angst, and some well meaning man handling of Iruka.
Notes: So this is my first Naruto fic, it’s all a good friends’ fault that I got my finger out at all. So many thanks Les J
Beta: None yet.


Part 1.


The man on the table screamed with his already hoarse throat until the three men and one woman could hear blood, muting his despite cries. Each one hardened their hearts for this was going to turn into a long, frustrating night. The man turned his head, spitting blood out as he once more pleaded them to let him go, he would do anything if only they would stop the pain racking through his body in waves.

“This is not something I like to say, or even had to say to you before Ibiki but use any means at your disposal to buy us the time we need. The village can‘t afford to lose valuable shinobi and I don’t want to bury another young friend.” The blond woman walked out twin tails hanging down her back swaying as she shook with suppressed anger. Somebody or somebody’s were about to get the full blunt of her legendry unrestrained emotions.

Those left could feel the chakra, as it backed up seeking a means of release but finding none, it remained firmly blocked in the suffering body laid on the flat, cold surface wearing nothing but heavy reinforced chains. The steel table shook with the effort of his flexing muscles, desperate to find the one thing that could make this all stop. His life-mate. Normally no chunin had this amount of raw power, but now was not normal circumstances, more like a nightmare for any of Konhmura‘s ninja.

Three sets of brown eyes looked at the crazed set as once more Iruka started screaming wordlessly. It pained them to see him as a guest of Ibiki, but it could not be helped, oddly enough the I&T department building was equipped to hold the suffering chunin. Heavy jutsu-enforced walls designed to hide the more dark work that had to happen there, could also serve to shield one of there own. This was the only place they could keep Iruka and stop the rest of the shinobi rushing to their distressed comrade’s aid. Outside two ninja scrabbled to put Tsunade’s hastily thrown together plan into action.

Ibiki gave a long suffering sigh; he had been here in the same room since just after lunch, when a violent and babbling shinobi was bought in to him. He had not been prepared to see Iruka’s drugged state, or the normally placid man still able to fight the ANBU back ops that can been called in once the alarm was raised. The sweet school teacher had missed his morning class and whoever had been sent to investigate his unusual absence, found the young man collapsed in the small flat he lived in, a pool of blood and other fluids spreading outwards.

Pinching the bridge of his scared nose the tall frightening man looked over at the two half dressed ninja who looked just as haunted as himself.

“You’re his usual play partners.” Both nodded in unison. “And up until now he’s showed no preference for a life-mate?” Again the same unison of action this time, a shrug.

“Fuck. Iruka you’re one tough little chunin. But stupid to try and ignore this of all things.” The deep tone is caring as Ibiki’s hand rests on his newest and unwanted guest’s sun tanned upper arm, gently patting him. Once more the torture expert studied the bindings and tightened the ones holding legs and wrists immobile, bruising the skin in the process, but they could not let him escape in the state he was. He was not only a danger to himself but also anyone close by.

Wild spiky brown hair controlled only by the hiate shook sadly from side to side, Raidou’s upper body was bare, so too was his life-mate Genma. Like twins they just had the same black stretchy workout shorts on, having been rudely interrupted in one long sweet love-making session. The shorts being the closest things to grab when summoned by an ash faced Suzume to the grey stone torture room they had been standing in for the last hour, watching helplessly as their playmate writhed in agony. Annoyance of having a rare day off together trashed long forgotten as the full severity of the situation sunk in.

“Can’t we distract him until they get Kakashi? “ Genma took his trademark senbon out his mouth, hoping to do more than just watch. Spinning the small long metal needle over the back of his knuckles, nervous.

Ibiki looked at the weeping angry red cock standing ridged, flecks of dried blood still clinging to the shaft stuck in the pre-cum. Iruka would have been masturbating till he was cumming blood, and then would have only stopped when he passed out from the unbearable pain. By his estimation, Iruka had been in life-mate heat for coming up on 24 hours, another 24 and he would be dead, or if by some miracle, survived, he would be so badly damaged it would be kinder to put him down like an animal. If they did not do something soon he would step over/breech the line that even Tsunade could no longer heal him.

With his famous cold voice “He needs relief, but I can’t risk unblocking his chakra or restraints. Until his mate arrives that hard-on will not go down, no matter how often he cums.”

Genma looked at Raidou and both turned to look at the taller man leaning against the wall hands stuffed in his trench coat pockets, looking menacing even as he tried to look relaxed for the nervous pair.

“It’s cool?” the lovers said together. Assurance given, both move closer to the table, fingers touching the over heated exposed skin. Feeling the sweat running on their own abs. Each stood on opposite sides of their friend, as his eyes tried to track what was going on about him.

“Ru, Ru, love.” Both lovers tracing ?kanji for hope over the broad chest of their playmate as if he were tied to their bed at home, not here.

Again chakra rose up ripping through Iruka’s system and pooling in his balls. It was more painful than being kept waiting for an orgasm that had been denied most of the day.

Genma took one more look at the wild eyes, messed up hair half out its usual high tail and just opened both his mouth and throat wide; suppressing his gag reflex he takes the rock hard sex of his friend fully to the dark curls about its root. Suckling slightly as he rose his head back off so he could lick the tip.

Raidou watched his partner deep throat Iruka in one go and felt his own desire twitch. Tearing his eyes away he also set about distracting the hurting man with pleasure, lips and fingers mapping the bronzed body held at bay with shiny silver chains. Another time and this would have hit Raidou’s own kink fetish off nicely, but tonight would be all about trying to keep a very dear shinobi sane.


Part 2.

Kakashi raised his head looking back in the direction of home, a feeling of unease settled in and the seasoned shinobi stopped the other three in his team. They were only a day’s normal walking speed from the hidden leaf village. Descending from the tree tops to the road below, team Kakashi stood on looking bemused. Naruto was already dancing in the spot in frustration to get on with the mission. Sakura looked across to Sai, both having been discussing human behaviour, in a broad sense of the word discussing. It was her loud yelling that had helped the two ninja locate the group so quickly.

“Kakashi sensei you’re needed back at the village most urgently.” Tenzo gave a bow to the renowned jonin. “I am to take over team Kakashi and complete their given mission.” This was met with a joyous whoop from Naruto who then launched in to a long spiel about how this would be over so quick, and how he was one more step towards becoming Hokage.

Kakashi took to the tree tops following the masked black ops, an old time friend from when they were in ANBU, before Kakashi had been assigned to take on the just formed team seven. He was setting a furious pace that would have the two elite ninja back at the gates within half a day.

“What’s up?” his uncovered eye looking fierce to hide the dread gathering in his soul.


Kakashi never faltered in his speed or calculated leaps from branch to branch. He gave no outward sign that his heart had skipped a beat, blood instantly freezing at that one softly given word from behind the elegantly carved dog mask.
No shinobi of his calibre was allowed the illusion of feelings when on any mission and until Kakashi received word, this was still a mission, if different from the one he had originally set out on.

Kakashi looked over at his friend, assessed his capabilities and with a nod they both made the hand signs to increase the pace once more. Now home was only four hours away, if they did not stop for anything. It would be costly on his chakra pool, but getting him back was important, as they had sent dog and Tenzo, for both could move with speed and stealth. Kakashi made more mental calculations from his observations. Dog would be wiped out and going into chakra debt, so they had used the same jutsu to get here, why was he needed so badly that Tsunade would risk laying up one ANBU for a week or more just to retrieve him.

What exactly had happened just over four hours ago?

In silence they moved, like wraiths, their presence hardly noticed by any, but the two on the guard house and that was due to the massive amount of chakra suddenly moving swiftly out the trees and over the roof tops, till Dog and Kakashi landed on the roof of the lonely I&T building. Dog swaying unsteady. “Inside locate Ibiki.” Then he was gone leaving Kakashi to gather his thoughts.

A quick scan and the silver haired ninja had the location of the torture expert working. One on the table with wild chakra spikes and two nearly depleted signatures’ he recognised Iruka. What the childhood genius could not work out was why the wild spikes had him thinking of fudge.
Creamy fudge made by only one woman in the village and Kakashi called his dolphin fudge. He ate it when he was feeling depressed and Iruka was not about so Kakashi could just drop in and tease the gentleman he liked to see blush.


Part 3.

The grey stone room was hot; unearthly hot, heated from the sweating body’s still toiling to save their suffering friend, as Genma raised his cracked and swollen lips from around Iruka’s hard pulsing cock as another stream of blood tainted cum shot from the restrained man.


Raidou looked up from he corner where he had been catching his breath, a pile of clothing including the supple leather of one trench coat and outer shirt, made an impromptu pallet.
Shaky slow steps, he moved as though on the verge of collapse. No matter how well the torture expert had looked after the man whose face held scars like a wave over one cheek. It was still four hours of mad sexual activity with little time to have a break to recover.

Ibiki brushed the exhorted jonin on the shoulder with a cool bottle of water and then wrapped his hands about Iruka’s hips, concentrating hard he mixed his chakra with the struggling man, slowly siphoning off a little of the build up, into his own system, making his own groin strain in his uniform pants. He was the only one with any clothing remaining on; he had been for quite some time as the two life-mates switched placers and used every trick they knew to get Iruka off.


Part 4.

The door burst in, there in his full battle glory stood the famous copy Nin.

A collective sigh hit the room like a rush of wind, also in time with an impressive quick movement form Kakashi. One minute he was there, foot raised from kicking the chakra infused iron door, the next he had his hands about Ibiki’s throat, sanguine red eye working almost as insane as Iruka’s brown.

“Is this how we treat our own now?” spoke a silky quiet dangerous voice over a background of whimpers.

None of them could answer the prime example of male pride and protection of a mate, a kunai appeared to press to the cool torture experts larynx and to the scared mans merit he did not flinch under the other mans touch or threat of violence.

“Please… Raidou… ride me… please….. It huts …so much.” that lone voice, braking in points from the waves of increasing spiking chakra.

Kakashi’s hand shifted a fraction and Ibiki took advantage by stepping back so the man on the table could see the new addition to the room. The howling scream split the air and broke Genma making the shinobi crumble to the floor weeping into his lovers out stretched hands.

“Fuck… “

Raidou rubbed his life-mates sweat covered back, whispering in his ear to try and distract him from the horror that was happening. Why was Kakashi not jumping his life-mate? Were they so gravely mistaken, was this man the wrong one, had all their efforts gone to go to waste?

“He’s your mate, a stupid and undeniably strong one, but still your life-mate.” Deep tones with no hint of amusement split the air.

Light and red narrowed, not liking what he was being told. “Why can’t he just read porn and use his hand? It’s served me well over the last 10 years. I could even recommend a couple of juicy chapters to get him started.”

Ibiki looks stunned at the copy Nin, so it was true the man more than shunned getting close to anyone, actively seeking to place a invisible wall between himself and the painful world he lived in. This was why the Hokage had made the rules about shinobi having two playmates to compliment their life-mate, it kept them sane and balanced knowing there was love and support. Shaking his head at the clueless Nin and pointed at both Raidou and Genma in turn, the fatigue clear on their facers.

“Out, get seen to and your both off the rota for a week.” This was Ibiki’s business voice and both stumbled, naked as the day their mothers let them see the light of the world for the first time, out the room.

“You, I am surprised at. So here we go, life-mate 101, or sex for dummies.” Ibiki held the now one eyed glare form across the still writhing body of Iruka. His moan constant, but much quieter as his throat was now a tatted mess.
“A life-mate is the only one who can break this, you fuck him or he fucks you, I don’t care but you both have to orgasm. Yes there is more but only those who have gone though this can explain. I’m not one of them. Dick about any more scarecrow and you will be killing Iruka. Tsunade has given me orders to use any means at my disposal to stop this. If I have to force you to fuck then I will.” Ibiki did not really want to use his last threat. But dam it, time was short.

Kakashi ran a hand over the tight body, muscles corded to the point they would snap if any more tension was added. Fingers ghosting over each restraint, love bite, pool of fluid, and scar like he was assessing the damage. Iruka’s eyes clear of madness and now dull with lust, he clearly begged with them, where his voice now failed.

“Get the door.” It was an order and also a sign of acceptance in one.

Kakashi paid little mind to the dark presence closing the door and once more leaning against the wall. Keeping tight control of his own emotions, the silver-maned young man striped. Not a frenzied fit, but not a seductively slow dance. A deliberate show that he was still in control, still the same icy cool Nin.

The room’s air was cool to his suddenly hot skin, pricking each nerve ending and bringing them leaping alive.
Leaning over he licks the blood mixed pre-cum oozing out, thrusting hips nearly bringing the blunt head of Iruka into his uncovered eye.
Kakashi realised then, he would never have time to prepare either of them, and Iruka’s body could not sustain any more damage from a dry entrance. The need to fill or be filled washed away the jonin’s rational thought that he had been struggling to keep, if only for the sake of the man he did not want to see screaming in such pain ever again.

Iruka’s chakra spiked again, this time finding its own path free, flowing it leapt up to meet Kakashi’s own chakra, clashing together and blending to link the mates in the first stage.

Kakashi pawed at the restraints holding HIS mate down, they were getting in the way of him feeling complete. Fingers so deadly moments before, fumble on shiny buckles, mind reduced to base functions.

Then they was gone, banished with a couple of hand signals from their maker, leaving the silver haired Nin to hastily climb up on the table, hard cock brushing hard cock. The torture expert knew that it was far beyond him applying lubrication, he was safer lent against the wall as silent witness.

Fingers intertwining and mouths became just a dark cavern to explore the delights hidden within, wet muscle battling the other. Both men’s hips thrusting at the others, desperate and feral in their actions.

Kakashi tore his head back to voice a scream that would match any the grey walled room had seen over the last nine hours. His unprepared anus ripped when he hilted Iruka in one swift move. Neither waiting for the much needed time to stretch, each so desperate to pound that tight hole and see if nirvana really did exist on earth. Second stage and the mating was now complete.

Their coupling looked evil to Ibiki, and he had much experience of brutal rape, but for all that, the look he could see in Iruka’s eyes, the relaxed arch to Kakashi’s spine as he rose and fell with some rhythm. This was no rape, no matter how painful.
Ibiki watched fascinated and disgusted at the same time. He should leave, but Tsunade had made it clear he was to see this through to the bitter end.
Kakashi’s shout of completion and Iruka passing out into blissful darkness brought the worried man’s mind back to what his friends had come so close to missing.

Both shinobi’s chi looked slightly different, like an extra layer had been added, and the missing bit added to their soul puzzle. It made the silent watching man want to weep. Not that he did. Moving and becoming very aware again of the arousal that still demanded some form of attention, Ibiki bought over cool water and a cloth to the slumped and heavy breathing Nin still arched over his life-mate.

“Here, we will get you both healed up soon.” Ibiki turned to leave, but a hand stopped him.

“You can’t go out there looking like that.” Kakashi moved off the table, knees crumpling under him, so he grabbed for the nearest support, Ibiki and the table.
On touching the big man, he could feel Iruka’s chakra on him. Pulling back, teeth bared, a possessive growl hit the air.

“You had him too.” The challenge was there in the short sharp words.

“No, no Kakashi.” Ibiki looked the man in the remaining light, eye clouded with fury, pride giving him the strength to say the next bit. “I drained a little of his chakra into me, taking some of his heat into my body.” He makes the point by brushing his tented pants.

Kakashi tightly circling the other’s wrist, leans close, sniffing at first shoulder and neck joint, slowly working his way down to pause at groin level, on and back up. The copy Nin looked satisfied, the information he had just been given was correct.

“Even more reason to not let you leave.” The growl was sexy deep and full of lust.

“I don’t uke.”

“Who said you would have to?”

“You…” Shock plain. “You would let me fuck you?”

“Who said there would be fucking?”

“Oh! Then I decline the offer.” Pulling his wrist free with force, Ibiki walked stiffly from the over heated, sex stinking room. A litany of swearing twisting through his head.


Part 5.

Iruka’s flash back - previous day, late afternoon.

Opening his door for the simple single knock, Iruka was shocked to find Kakashi standing there. A small potted plant in the copy nin’s hands which he thrusts into the open doorway as an explanation to why he was using the door. Kakashi had never used the door before, he would just silently perch on Iruka’s balcony-rail like an overgrown swan. The teaching chunin had had ramen or beer passed through his windows more times than Naruto eats out at Iruka’s or Kakashi’s expense.

Naturally the friendly younger man still invited his suddenly nervous older friend inside and took the young spider plant over to sit beside Iruka’s own dark red miniature rose and pale jasmine, catching the last of the suns dying rays. Later he will water them when full dark has arrived and he can linger in the scent of the night blooming jasmine.

“Tea.” Is Iruka’s usual polite offering following the rules of hospitality even though he knows the other will refuse? Kakashi never drinks tea, if he can help it.


Iruka raised an amused arced brow at his unexpected guest. “Do you smell when I get a fresh pack in?” The jonin just shrugged and turned one of the kitchen chairs around to straddle and lean on the straight back. Iruka lets out a low barely there sigh; he is thankful that at least Kakashi is sitting on the thing and not balanced like he normally does, feet on the seat.

“Anything special I should do?”

A half smile shows in the light single eye. “Not a clue. Sakura gave it to me last week and I’m not one for nurturing things.”

That makes Iruka choke on the tea he had been sipping. “Like hell he can’t nurture, his team was improving in leaps and bounds.” Once Iruka gets both his breath and voice back he asked. “How long?”

“Oh just a week tops. We leave at dawn. I did not want to worry you by dumping the plant on the doorstep, so thought it best to come now.” With ease Kakashi waves a hand over the scrolls spread on the table. The usual evening grading from the academy. “I knew you’d be in. Sakura also threatened to try some of Tsunade’s moves on me if I let yet another plant die at my place.”

Suddenly Kakashi rose, drink still untouched and his mind heavy.
You have to be able to speak Kakashi to catch the small oddity in the man stood before Iruka.
Over the couple of years since Iruka, had his village famous, first blew up at the poor shocked nin on being assigned to teach team seven, they had become a kind of odd set of friends. The special jonin would turn up and annoy the hell out of the more placid man when he was manning the mission’s desk. Iruka in turn had tried to house break the copy Nin whenever one of his impromptu visits happened, like now.

“You will be the first one I look up when we get back.” Then in a flash Kakashi was gone, leaving behind just the vapours of the jutsu to hang in the air.

Stunned Iruka shakes his head. Resolving to work out why Kakashi had not taken the plant to his remaining playmate, unless he too was out working? No, Iruka remembered that Dog was off the rota for routine medicals.

Shinobi used small plants for two reasons. One a quiet way of letting a loved one know you had been called away. Very important for the higher level jonin and ANBU. Many of their trips would be alone and mostly at short notice in the middle of the night. Also as a reason to see their lovers first thing on returning, both to work out post mission emotions and gain the reassurance brushes with death bring out in them all, to long walking a tightly controlled line can push mental limits to breaking points.
No ninja, chunin and above expect to come home from particular rank missions. They live within the shadow of death just a whisker behind their own.

It was puzzling for Iruka and it showed in the way he stood too long looking at the spot his friend had been in seconds before, then catching sight of the still to be completed task on the table, Iruka moved back into teacher mode.


Part 6.

Genma and Raidou had only moved a few steps away from the room they had been kicked out, not that either really wanted to be in there right now. Kakashi looked like he was about to rip them all into little bits. Neither ninja minded being naked, more so tired they had to lean on each other and stagger awkwardly, while the two life-mates were so fluid together.

Hands touched both on the shoulder and hip, light brushings to get phasing out attentions. Before explaining that they would be healed up physically but alas there was little to be done about the mental toll, only rest could do that. Which both now had plenty of, the village’s way of expressing its thanks. Clothes were found for the pair and once dressed, a masked pair of ANBU entered.

Rat took Genma’s hand standing to his left, the long black braid tucked into the back of the male black ops belt out the way.
Snake wrapped strong arms about Raidou’s waist; he could feel under the uniform breasts tightly bound. He let out a surprised squeak as both lovers were transported directly into their shared flat. A quick bow at the waist with left hand open over the heart and both was gone in the usual wisps’ of smoke.

“Love, you look like I feel.” Genma brushes his fingers over the face scars on the man before him. There lips meeting softly and slowly, small pecks deepening and long moments pass.

“Gen, I so want to screw your brains out.” Raidou let his head tilt into the soft touch of his life-mate, the only one he let pet his scars.

Both men collapse on the close by futon neither letting the other out of their needy reach, with practiced ease, clothing was removed, a kiss laid on the freshly revealed flesh. Soft moans began to fill the all too silent room after the hours with Iruka’s screaming. But this healing slow sexual dance, foreplay at its deepest level. The goal was not to see who could reach screaming hi first, or even a competition to see which one had more stamina. No, this was about worship, worship of the one most dear. Kisses lengthened and lapping licks were woven into to the silent reassurance found in another.

“I love you.” Two whispered voices blend to become one, eyes looking deeply and knowing it to be true.

Fingers untangle from within long hair and short wild spikes, tracing patterns in the beading sweat, hearts thudding in their ears, the loudest sound in the room, every thing is kept slow and soft.

“Let’s move to the hot tub and get those kinks out of you.” Raidou breathes in his lover’s ear.

The water was hot, just right for bodies that had been pushed to their limits, rapidly healed up to just about functioning. Each man took turns washing the other, like a mirror facing each other, lingering on sensitive spots, breathing gentle words of love in an ear or open mouth. Clean body and soul, they cuddled up, relaxing in the gentle motion of the water, Raidou’s face relaxed, head tilted back resting on Genma’s shoulder each had there arms entwined.

Finally the loving couple get out of the tub, slightly water wrinkled, but glowing as only true love from a life-mate can bring.
Dried off and stumbling into their room a surprise was waiting, one that also solved the just discovered need for food. There on the small table beside the bed, which normally had the bottle of lube and Genma’s latest book, was a plate of food.

“You thinking what I am love?”

“That I hope this is Asuma’s cooking and not Kotetsu’s.” A smile dazzled the room round the lolly stick Genma used instead of his senbon when at home. As they fed each other the small rich finger foods that had been made up to cover both the shinobi’s favourite special things. Both sets of eyes became heavy lidded, sleep pulling more and more at them. Raidou still had not managed to keep his promise, but sex could wait until morning or whatever time of day the two exhorted men next woke.

Once more, sound filled the warm comfortable room, this time the ever so soft sounds of sleep.


Part 7.

Kakashi paced outside the room he had been kicked out of. Mind whirling with names to call the woman inside working on his mate. Up and down the hall of the I&T building, never straying far from the closed portal. His anger bubbling in his blood, showing clearly in the way he held his body. Most personnel had been warned to stay away while the crisis was dealt with.

“Dam it woman, you done yet?” The silver Nin yelled at the door. Fingers resting on the simple obstruction.

“Kakashi if I hear your voice one more time before I am ready you will be busted back down to academy student level and made to resit ALL your training and not with Iruka as your teacher. Pervert.”

This was hell for Tsunade, working to heal what Iruka’s spent body could handle was hard enough. It would take quite awhile, without the constant interruptions at the door. But she did not want to run the risk of letting the overprotective man in to see his mate while she worked. Concentration once more shattered in as many minutes and she gave a long suffering sigh.


The door flew back in a repeat performance of his first entrance, this time without the sanguine eye.

“Since there is little more I can do tonight, under the circumstances…” Tsunade was cut off abruptly and the copy Nin scooped up his still unconscious lover.

“We will be at his place.”

“Like hell are you going anywhere with him but to the hospital, he still needs treatment.” Blond tails twitched as the fifth moved to block the door. For a woman she could be more unmovable than a block of granite.

“I don’t like them. Iruka needs comfort, not hard beds and the smell of bleach.”

Tsunade was slowly turning red, anger almost at boiling point. Still Kakashi looked cool and bored, a deadly mask he wore.

“If I let you take him home, you will allow ALL medical ninja inside to help Iruka and follow their instructions like you would my own.” She tried for a compromise knowing that he was partly right, patients recovered better in familiar surroundings and, as they were not sure how much Iruka would remember until he woke up, it was probably best.

Kakashi nodded, setting the man he held cradled in his arms, modesty kept intact by the flimsy sheet wrapped around his body.

“Have you been seen to?” All she got for a reply was a shrug as he moved by. Bloody stubborn men, have to act like hero’s all the time, Jiraiya was the same.


Part 8.

Once in the hallway, Kakashi moved his hand to make the sign to teleport, reappearing in Iruka’s bedroom. With care not to disturb the deeply sleeping man, Kakashi made him comfortable, removing the sweat smelling sheet, he debated washing his lover, to rid him of the stench the other shinobi had oozed over his mate. But as Iruka turned to seek contact, Kakashi just slipped the naked teacher between cornflower blue cotton sheets and tucked him in tight. Bending over to brush strands of chocolate bangs out over the pillow, moon cast shadows hiding Kakashi as he sat back to watch for awhile making sure Iruka was settled.

Iruka’s chakra was still low, but the deadly spikes had stopped, now and then a wave would rise up like a ghost hand and seek out the chakra of the still silently watching man.

“Your mine…” A pale hand pets the soft warm tanned one and silence reigned once more in the apartment.
The shadows cast by the moon have moved again, “I promise you will never feel that kind of pain again.” A light kiss is placed on the sleeping forehead.

Kakashi moves to the kitchen, a space he is both comfortable and lost in at the same time, soft words move about with the copy nin as he looks first in the fridge, snagging a beer and food ingredients. “Yes I plan to drink more than just all your beer.” Kakashi looks for where the kitchen knifes are, well where he would keep them. No luck and not wanting to wake his lover by banging drawers in frustration, he settles for pulling out one of his kunai and using it to shred vegetables into chunks for a quick stew. “Why do you need to keep you pots so far from the cooker?” more cupboards are opened and looked through, in the search for objects not found and a long sigh is released in frustration.o
“Kami, Iruka you have ten different teas in here.” Bang! Kakashi’s skull meets with a shelf that, if in his own cramped kitchen would not be there. Rubbing the injured part of his anatomy, Kakashi goes to check on his mate, feeling like too much time had past apart.

Iruka’s chest fell and rose with a soft steady rhythm, the copy Nin used the sanguine eye to double check was still normal. Recovering the eye that was a last parting gift once more, he could hear Obito’s soft voice whisper. ‘The dead have no use for such things.’

With the stew on a low heat to simmer, Kakashi sipped at the apple mint tea, letting it slowly slip down and the taste fully examined on his tongue. Once more he sat on the bed, back up against the wall, Iruka warm against his left side. “Could get used to this.”
A soft chink of china and the almost drunk tea is abandoned in favour of placing one stubborn chunin’s head in his own dark clothed lap, eyes fighting the battle to sleep.


There was always a low hum of accumulated voices in a bar like this, booths tucked round the edge of the large open plan room for the clientele to huddle in or take over like wild growing weeds. The bar owner had long ago given up with trying to sensibly light the place, so the normal villagers would feel commutable, too many veiled hints about waking up with unwanted guests. So this was the only bar in the village that was set up to keep the mostly shinobi or ex ninja drinkers comfortable.

Tsunade sat at her usual table, openly drinking the sake while facing her, her head of I&T drank chilled juice.

“So you think our Iruka crisis is over? “ spoke the blond Hokage, eyes idly slipped over the room weighing up the mood of her people.

“Iruka, yes now he has his life-mate. Iruka has always been a fairly stable person, but Kakashi will bring a set of problems all of his own.” Ibiki slid a hand down his inner thigh, remembering how Kakashi had smelt him like a bitch in heat. What had he meant about neither playing the uke role?

Ibiki realised his mind was drifting while his superior was trying to debrief him, but then the fifth was also distracted with her drinks. It had been a very long and hard 40 hours coming up. “Go home, relax Ibiki. Tomorrow is another battle and with any luck the latest matched pair will soon be back on there feet.” Tsunade waved a hand freeing the tall man to rise and leave the bar.


Part 9.

Dawn’s early greyish light touched the stark white walls, as well as sheets stiff from heavy bleach and use. On the window sill, a distinct shadow fell before its owner and flowed through the room to stand at the foot of the only occupied bed in the twin bed hospital room.

Kakashi caught the shuriken aimed for his ear with practiced ease and laughed deep and amused, “So you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

What was once clear brown eyes are now milky with age opened looking at the man by his feet. “You pup, aren’t too old to be put across my knee.”

Kakashi moves up and clasps Dog on the left shoulder with his right hand, smile hidden behind his once again masked face. But they know each other too well from the days when one lead the ANBU team they both worked in. No words of thanks are expressed or even actions of gratitude. Both know the sentiment behind this impromptu visit.

Kakashi moves back out the window as the first ray of light peeks over the horizon pink and bloodying his hair, he is late for his usual morning greeting and he hopes those that wait on him will understand, but Kakashi has no true way of telling other than the saying ‘dead men tell no lies’.

“Yes I am late Obito, don’t look so sullen.”

In the quiet, only the stone can here his words. There is little traffic this early and most have learned to let the copy Nin be, if they do catch him lingering longer than usual. He was as dedicated to the dead as much as the living, if not more so. With the dead he could speak freely and never fear the spider thin strings the living could tug on.

“I had to see Dog, he came close to joining you, all because Iruka is stubborn. Yes thank you Sensei, and which would you have me be, the pot or the kettle. OH!”

A slight discolouration shows on the exposed cheeks. The copy Nin removes his hiate out of respect, and to show his team mate he values the gift still, even if it is a heavy burden to carry, red eye shuts for a moment and a long sigh. Kakashi looks like he is trying to find words.
Birds sing their bright morning songs as Kakashi tracers patterns in the dew on the memorial stone.

“Iruka and I are mated…” Silence, a small gust of wind curling some leaf matter about the stone. “Stop laughing at me you three.” white spikes shake. “You’re all perverts for suggesting that, you know I would never abandon any of you.” The wind picks up and dust dancers with the leaf litter. “Fine!”

Kakashi jutsued into Iruka’s bed room.


Part 10.

In the warm midmorning sun, Iruka lazed under the covers, partly unwilling to get up and deal with the world and still too weak to do more than stay awake for more than half hour before dozing off again. It was during one of his awake moments that Kakashi arrived in a swirl of smoke slightly surprising the healing man in his bed.

“You’re awake.” Kakashi moved to perch on the foot of the bed looking at the pained face of his mate. “Why that face?” thinking that he had done something to offend the sometimes prudish teacher.

“I feel like one of Naruto’s training posts.” a wince briefly showed when Iruka turned to get move comfortable.

“That would not have been so, had you not denied you had mating rut symptoms. Do you have a death wish?” Kakashi was concerned for his lover.

“Oh, so it’s all my fault now, Mr Spider plant and soft words. I was not the one who came to my door.” hot angry words just flowed for once without thinking.

Kakashi felt hurt, protective and lost. “You could have gotten help sooner, but no, they find you passed out and on the road to madness.” icy cool words clash with Iruka’s hot anger. “I can‘t lose you as well Iruka.” soft words under the nin‘s breath.

“So I‘m stubborn.”

Kakashi clenched both fists to hold back more words, this would not get them anywhere, but hurt with more pain. He understood Iruka was hurting both physically and mentally, being so emotionally drained he had little reserves to call on and so raw feelings just tumbled out of the man in bed. Kakashi understood and forgave his mate this, but still, he was angry at Iruka and what had happened when he had left that evening. Had he known the silent Nin would never have left with his team that fateful morning.
A knock at the door helped to break the mounting tensions, he did not wish to leave while Iruka was distressed, but also, he was part of the cause for the feelings he could see in the other’s eyes. So Kakashi went to let in the medical ninja it was bound to be, sent by Tsunade. They could watch him and he would leave, killing two birds with one kunai, for right now, he did not want to see his life-mate manhandled no matter how well meaning or gentle the medical staff was. He still felt too protective and hurt.

“He’s in bed.” he pointed to the room as they came in the flat, so he left.

Taking to the roofs as nothing but a slight blur, he leapt from top to ledge, always making his way outwards. Fury now radiated in his chakra, at himself and his life-mate. Kakashi need to breath without the constraints he felt when looking into those liquid brown eyes and scarred nose.


Part 11.

Gritting his teeth as he moved to ease his back into a slightly more comfortable line, the scarred shadow still watched the area surrounding the memorial stone. Ibiki knew the troubled Nin he sought would eventually turn up here. Bleeding heart offered up as sacrifice to those he still felt he had failed in a way only the living can undertake.
Silence reigned as the lengthened tree shadows sought to cover the cleared area.
The man he was waiting for melted out from those shadows, with his cocky swagger and usual porn book in hand, he crotched in his usual spot.

“Do you plan to wait all night for me?”

Knowing the game was up, Ibiki stepped forward, black trench coat flaring out giving him even more of a sense of presence than the concealed chakra both he and Kakashi had. He stopped behind the man low to the floor, personal boundaries observed.

“Tsunade was concerned by the report the medics gave her.” A grave voice pitched to maximise the dusk quiet.

“Iruka’s worse!” Slight tightness hinted at the underlying true feelings.

“No, he is recovering, within acceptable limits considering what you and I had to put his body through.” A shake of the covered head. “She was worried about you.”

“So she sent her lap dog.” The words were bitter, out of sorts for the scarecrow.

“No, I asked to have time to find you, we need to talk.” Ibiki considers moving into the other’s comfort zone, but does not move. “It’s hard to keep a playmate, let alone find a life-mate for people like us.”

Masked face swung round to blink up. Despite the height difference, Kakashi did not feel loomed over as others would, had Ibiki been the one sitting and they standing.

“Yes, that is true.” Kakashi stood eyeing up the torture expert. “Are you hitting on me?”

Ibiki moves slightly, giving a long sigh. “More like, I would like to court you as a playmate, if you could accept someone like me.”
They both look at each other for a long moment, neither breaking eye contact.

“What changed your mind to my earlier offer?” A slight flicker in the tall Nin alerted Kakashi to the confusion going on inside Ibiki. “Oh I see.”

Ibiki turned away from Kakashi heading slowly back towards the village, he knew the ex ANBU was just teasing him. Both of them was alphas, neither wanting to bottom to the other, but there was just something about the quiet shadow at his heals since Ibiki had taken on some of Iruka’s chakra. Shaking his covered head to try and get the scent of Kakashi out his nose. The desire to have the other man’s hands explore his body, to kiss the covered lips that so many never got the chance to see.

A hand on his shoulder stopped the deeply thinking man and look at the one uncovered eye, an odd light there. “It’s a bit soon for dating, but I can see why you would be uncomfortable with just raw sex.” A slight creasing about that lone brown eye. “But let’s talk about this tomorrow. Now go tell our Hokage all is well.”

They parted at the door outside Iruka’s place, unspoken things in each mans face, but a feeling of hope.


Part 12.

Kakashi entered to find an irate Iruka being bodily held down in the living room on the futon. He could not help but laugh at the snake masked ANBU doing a good job of keeping his lover in place with a hand on each shoulder.

“Snake-san I see you have not lost your touch.”

Lifting her right hand, she quickly flicked out the message ‘this pup is nothing’ and stepped back releasing the annoyed chunin to spring up. Kakashi returned ‘well, time for his master to bring him to heel?’ Iruka not knowing the ops hand speech watched the flicking fingers, ‘go easy still fang.’ snake replied ignoring the looks she was getting, open hand over heart she bows to Kakashi and Iruka in turn and disappears.

“Now Iruka, later you will show me around your god damn kitchen, but right now get your ass on the bed.” There was only mild playful heat in the voice Kakashi used, as he reached out and directed his lover to further impress his words.

As Iruka moved slowly, mindful of the still aching limbs, Kakashi shed his outer clothes in a trail across the floor. Giving light touches down the back of the man before him, the soft green t shirt suited him, the nin noted as he shut the door behind him and placed up a sealing tag to ensure a couple of hours of privacy.

Reaching out, he spun his now calm lover into a hot embrace and a chance to reacquaint his mouth with the other’s, this time their kiss was less brutal, slow and exploring. Kakashi let his fingers roam up under the hem of green, tracing the pits of scars, gently working the cloth up. Soft moans fill the air, mixed with the owning purr Kakashi made into his life-mates ear.
“Your mine, as I am yours.”

Iruka pulled back from the kiss, the need for air burning in his lungs, but his mind begging for more, to feel the dangerous man claim him. Pulling the last bit of clothing Kakashi had left on, down to release the incredible cock. It was angry red, weeping from waiting so long for attention of some kind. Smiling into the one eyed gaze he caressed the clean shaven balls, watching that lone eye role back and the sigh escape.

“Don’t tease Iruka, I can’t hold on much longer.” A flirtatious smile had him biting his lips.

Both men moved over to the bed, t shirt long lost in the earlier exploration, only navy sleep shorts kept the two rubbing erections from touching. It was Iruka, who removed them and lay back, legs open, inviting. Arms held up to pull his lover down for another round of kissing, broken only by Kakashi’s question for some kind of lubrication.

Satisfied he had properly stretched his mates hole, Kakashi gently let his hard dick edge into Iruka, making the teacher moan and beg for more. Keeping hands on the thrashing body below him so as not to hurt and to keep control of his entrance, Kakashi wanted this time with his life-mate to be extra special. Slow and soft, to express the words of love he never could get past his own tangled tongue. Completely inside, he ignored the frustrated tears in Iruka’s eyes, running down his face into the bedding, and posed before leaning forward to brush the salty droplets away. As slow as he entered, he withdraw halfway out and slid back in. Convinced his lover was ready, Kakashi picked up the pace and aimed for the bundle of nerves again and again to bring his lover shouting to completion. Iruka’s rippling and clenching muscles pulling the copy Nin over the edge as well.

Slumping over the trembling teacher, the aftershocks still playing on both their nerves, Kakashi just had enough strength to move to Iruka’s left and pull over a blanket, evening out breath tickling his neck as the chunin snuggled into his scarecrow. Now he let his fatigued body complain to his mind, the events since he was stopped on the road washing over him.

On the roof of a particular chunin teacher who, not long ago, had selected shinobi in an uproar, sat two ANBU black ops.
Rat gave a casual chakra sweep over the sleeping couple below. Kakashi though low and in need of as much rest as Iruka, even with the intense healing the younger man was getting from the medical staff.
No one below was in danger of death.
Snake touched his shoulder pointing to the lessoning shadows of the night, grey dawn light hinting round the edge of the sky’s lower lip.


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