Title: Lament to the past.
Author: Vamp.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Just a few lines that were begging to come out.


Mother, just for once just look up at me without loneliness, tears or hate.
Canít you see me here? Feel me reaching out for your touch.
How I ache inside to brighten the dark cell of your mind.
If only I could understand that broke when the men came with fatherís sword.
Thatís when the blank look begun and we could see you slowly die.
All nightmares start so deceptively small.
Mother when did Jenís warm arms become all your seeking cold body could desire?
Did in your madness push us both so we had to do the only thing yourself could not.
In your own way you smiled finally happy.
I swore as you slid down the wall, you were truly free.

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