Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


Ritsuka sat in his cage whimpering slightly. His ears flattened against his head as his tail wrapped around his legs which were pulled close to his chest. A black blindfold had been tied around his eyes. He was to be finally sold today and it scared him, especially the fact that his new ‘Masters’ wanted him blindfolded. He had been washed and cleaned well before set in the lobby.


The lobby bell rang as the door opened and two males stepped in. On had short black hair, almost like Ritsuka, but a dominate looking expression on his face. He was tall and thin just like his partner as he walked over to Ritsuka’s cage and started to talk to the owner about pay.


The second male walked gracefully and his blonde hair fell over his shoulders. He wore glasses and a long coat. Leaning over, he looked at Ritsuka for a moment then put his hand through the bars.


“Hello there, I’m Soubi.”


Ritsuka hesitated at the words. Soubi? This must be one of his new Masters. He growled, unsure if he was even reaching through the bars or not.


“Well now, a fighter are we?” the other male said with a smirk placed on his face. “I’m Semei”


Ritsuka heard the second voice and scooted back in his cage a little, as if he could really go anywhere.


“He’s a real good one if you ask me. The purest boy you’ll ever find. Plus, not a thing has ever been stuck up his pretty little ass.”


Ritsuka whimpered slightly hearing his owner speak. He didn’t like this. But within moments his cage had been unlocked and he was picked up bridal-style in someone’s arms. Starting to struggle he heard a growl somewhere nearby and stopped.


“I don’t want any trouble, understood?”


It was Semei’s voice… least he thought. So Soubi must be holding him. The boy bit his lip and held onto Soubi’s shirt as he felt him start to walk. Cringing slightly he buried his face in Soubi’s shirt when the sun hit him.


Soubi looked at Semei, both a little confused then shrugged at almost the same moment.


“He probably isn’t used to the sun.” Semei said as they got into the back of their arranged ride. Ritsuka had been placed between them and he instantly felt a hand playing with his ears.


“Your ears are so soft. And you’ve got a beautiful face.” He thought it was Semei’s voice.


“Yes, such beautiful skin and slender body. You’ll be perfect once we’ve trained you properly.”


Yeah, the first one had been Semei. He could tell. Semei had almost a sense of power in his voice while Soubi’s was slightly more submissive and softer.


“Now, you’ll keep the blindfold on for a few days depending on how quick you learn. You will learn us by our voices before you learn us by our appearance.”




“Once we feel you’ve got it under control we’ll take off the blindfold.”




“Rewards will be given when you are good. Punishments when bad.”




“Also remember that being able to even gain our touches is a reward.”




“And so is our affection.”




This was hard. Ritsuka’s head was already spinning. Keeping track of who was who was getting difficult.


Hearing a snicker, he felt the car stop and tried to look around, but still couldn’t see. He felt Soubi’s arms pick him up again, or was it Semei? He needed to learn their touch too, it seemed.


The air turned a little cooler as they entered the house. After a few minutes of walking Ritsuka felt a bed under him as he was set down and became a little confused then instantly scared and started to pull his legs in whimpering slightly. He’d heard what he was being sold for and knew from others how much it hurt when their masters didn’t care to be gentle.


Ritsuka heard Semei laugh lightly then felt a body next to him. He bit his lip whimpering again and tried to hide his face but only felt two arms wrap around him, then two more form the other direction. He was confused again.


“There’s no reason to be afraid. We won’t hurt you unless you deserve it. Besides, we don’t believe our punishments have to necessarily hurt, just be uncomfortable.”




He felt a kiss planted on his neck from the other side and guessed it was Soubi. He bit his lip again but liked the contact. It felt…good. He’d never really been shown much compassion so this was new.


“Now,” the kiss had been pulled away now and the arms were retreating. Semei was talking. “Tomorrow we’ll brand you. After that we can start your training.”


Semei smiled and went over to Soubi wrapping his arm around him. “You can sleep for now and food will be brought later.”




Ritsuka merely nodded. ‘Y-yes.. um..Mas-“


“You needn’t bother with that now. You’ll learn how to address us later.”






He heard the door close after a minute and laid down, curling under the blankets. What could the branding be?

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