The Road to Kindness

The Road to Kindness


Author’s Notes: Well, I’ve finished both Kingdom Hearts, so that has freed up some time for me to write. This is the third fic I’ve wrote after ‘Sleep’s a Privilege, Not a Right’ and ‘Tears of the Wolf’. All notes are completed, but this fic will be long at twelve chapters and an extensive plot. It will be dark in some parts, but if you’ve read my other work, that shouldn’t surprise you. This is the revised version of RTK, even the title is different (it used to be called ‘One Act of Kindness’ but I didn’t like it and there are a lot of fics out there with that title). Trust me, the original draft was pretty crappy and rushed, but I’m happy with this version. Just because it’s revised and I have the notes down does not mean that this fic is finished, I still have to sit down and write the damn thing. If people like it enough and I get some suggestions from you guys, I might write a sequel. We’ll see how it goes. This is one of my favorite old fics.


Pairings: OCx2, 6x2, 1x2, one sided R+1, 3+4, 5+2, Solo+2, past OCxSolo.

Warnings: Dark, NCS, AU, OOC, bondage, language, bastardized Relena, Zechs, Alex, slightly bastardized Wufei (but not evil, maybe a little misguided), bastardized Heero in some parts (but not through the whole fic) violence, abuse, death (not Gundam characters), angst.

Summary: After years of disobeying the rules and causing mischief, Heero is being moved to another country to a new school. While there he meets a young boy who has some dark secrets. Can he possibly start to see things beyond himself, or will he never change and in turn, doom the one person he cares about?



Chapter 1: The Move/Prologue




          It was ridiculous. He was seventeen years old, yet here he was, sitting in the principal’s office like some little kid. It was completely nuts! He supposed he could bring up his mother’s name, though that was childish itself. Despite what his so-called ‘peers’ thought, Heero Yuy could take care of himself and he certainly didn’t need the name ‘Yuy’ to get out of a messy situation. He smirked and the receptionist paled at the feral look on the imposing boy, looking away quickly, nervously. It amazed him how it was because of that name that people continued to challenge his strength. It was because of that that he was here, awaiting judgment once again. He settled back in his chair, completely relaxed. It didn’t matter, it would end the same as always. No one in this pitiful country would dare cause trouble for the Yuy family.

          The principal, an overweight man in his fifties with a nervous look and a pasty complexion, ushered Heero into his office. Heero straightened out his black t-shirt and jeans with a diplomatic flair as though it was the principal who had done the offense and not the blue eyed teenager with the bruises on his knuckles.

          “Uh, M-Mr. Yuy, p-please sit. Your mother will be here shortly,” the man stammered. Heero looked at him with a simple glance of annoyance, but sat down. The man hurriedly left the office, apparently terrified of being in Heero’s presence all alone. Heero snorted. It was no wonder that this school was so pitiful if such a weak man like that was running the show. He drummed his fingers on the hard wood of the chair. It was a nice office, everything dark wood and clean cut, but it was what he expected from the principal of a private, British high school. Even in a place like this that catered to England’s elite, a boy like Heero Yuy, heir to the Yuy empire of Japan, stood out. With a Japanese mother and a Russian father, it wasn’t much of a surprise. There were several Japanese students here, but none with spiky, messy brown hair and deep blue eyes. Those eyes were the trade mark of the Yuy men, as far back as his great, great grandfather had had them and his father had passed them down to him, though his facial features were reminiscent of his mother’s father. He was tall at almost six feet, unusual for one with Asian heritage, and looked intimidating even to the snobbish, brutal punks that littered the school. He would have cursed his mother for sending him to a place that did not suit his needs, but that spiel had grown old and if there was one thing that Heero hated, it was repetition.

          Heero started to tap his foot as the minutes passed and still no one came for him. This was utterly ridiculous. He was a junior in high school, the single heir to a billion dollar company, and he was sitting here waiting to be scolded. This whole place was just like the principal’s office, opulent, but useless. The whole process was useless, really. It didn’t matter if he passed his classes or not, either way, he was going to fill in his father’s shoes in the end, good grades notwithstanding, so what was the point of even attending school? What was the point of making friends when in the end he knew that everyone would either leave in fear of his status or stick to him like glue, hoping to become someone special while riding his coattails like some parasite? All that mattered was looking out for himself and trying to make sure no one mistook him for the kind of person that would let everyone else do his dirty work. Though he supposed that it was that sort of attitude that kept bringing him here.

          The door swung open and his mother marched in, bringing with her an aura of power and authority that she always seemed to carry. Dressed in a gray business suit, Name Yuy (1) exuded professionalism, but behind her cool exterior, Heero could see the storm brewing, but he knew that she would never let it out. Her black, straight, shoulder length hair curled against her pale neck and her cool, black eyes stared at Heero. That there was no anger in them, only annoyance and disappointment and that strong authority that she constantly exuded, made Heero shudder inside. He collected himself, even as the ever present child inside of him remembered when he had been on the receiving end of such looks in the past. The principal shakily followed her, obviously overwhelmed by her presence.

          “Well, then?” Name asked, her narrowed gaze turning to the principal, who nearly jumped at her sudden noticing of his existence.

          “W-well, Mrs. Yuy, I’m afraid that there has been an… incident with your son,” the man said nervously, looking at Heero. Heero grinned at him, making him flinch.

          “Heero,” Name’s cold voice cut through her son and his grin vanished.

          “What incident?” Name asked, her tone filled with impatience.

          “H-he beat up another student. Anthony Clarence, he’s in the hospital.”

          “Is he now?” Name narrowed her eyes at her son, “Very well. I will have a little talk with him, is that all?”

          The principal nodded, his eyes fixed on Heero. Name frowned at the principal’s weakness and inability of punishing her son for his obvious breaking of the rules. Once again, it was up to her to show him that there were consequences for his actions. This incident was just one too many, but she would do what she had to, for her son and for her company.

          “Heero, come,” she ordered, walking out stiffly, knowing that Heero would follow her and he did, glaring at the principal as they left.



          Heero tossed his leather jacket onto the couch and started to go up the stairs to his bedroom. His mother’s lecture could wait until later. Name, on the other hand, had different ideas.

          “Heero Yuy!” she snarled. He froze, the child in him cringing at that tone, but the teenager wanted to ignore it, to show that he wasn’t a child anymore and to just walk upstairs and ignore her. Instead, he stood frozen between the two parts of him.

          “What do you have to say for yourself?” Name demanded. Heero looked over his shoulder at her. Halfway up the stairs, he was taller than her, but he still felt small, like he was looking up at her for some reason. He hated how his mother could make him feel that way when no other person on the planet could restrain him.

          “What is there to say? That stupid little shit-,”

          “Don’t give me the same tired excuses, Heero, and don’t swear. You beat up that boy because you could. You perceived some slight, I’m sure, whether it was there or not, but no matter the reason, your actions are, as always, inexcusable. I will not have you embarrass us again. You will not be returning to that school.”

          Heero shrugged. It didn’t matter to him what his mother thought. Deep down inside, a voice told him that that wasn’t true, he cared very much. In fact, Name Yuy was the only person in the world that he still cared for, but right now, all he could see were her cold, righteous eyes and the fact that she was right didn’t help his pride any. It didn’t matter to him that he wasn’t returning to that school. There was no point in going back to that place.

          “Are you done ranting or can I go to bed now?”

          Name turned her back on him and Heero seethed at the dismissal.

          “Very well. If at any point you should feel hungry, you can heat up some dinner. I can see that speaking to you any further is useless. But, know this, I refuse to have a bully for a son.”

          Heero snorted.

          “I’ll be going to sleep now,” he sneered.

          “No you won’t,” Name said with a bitter smile, turning around to look at her son’s reaction. He paused on the steps and stared back at her in confusion.

          “Excuse me?”

          “You will spend tonight packing your things. Tomorrow afternoon, five p.m. sharp, we will be on a plane to America. If you are not packed in that time, I will be leaving you here, though I don’t think you’ll do very well on your own.”

          “What?!” Heero exploded, “You’re moving us, again?!” he snarled. Name pinched her nose wearily. “You’re moving us because of some stupid little weasel that couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut?!”

          “No, Heero,” Name sighed, “I am moving myself because Yuy Corporations is now doing business in America. I have decided to not work remotely because of your constant disregard and disrespect for your classmates. You’re brutish and childish behavior has forced my hand. If your father was still alive, he would be ashamed to call you ‘son’,” she spat, her eyes clouded with internal misery that she was far too good at hiding.

          “Don’t be a fool,” Heero sneered cruelly, “Dad’s dead and that’s all. He’s dust and rot and he’s never coming back. Why don’t you just forget about him anyway-,”

          Heero’s head snapped to the side as his mother strode up and slapped him.

          “Cruel boy,” she said with poorly repressed anger, “when will you ever grow up?” she stormed towards the kitchen, “No matter, I will be gone tomorrow and you had better be with me. Maybe a change of scenery will change that disgusting attitude of yours.”

          Heero’s hands clenched into tight fists and he glared at his mother’s back. This wasn’t happening! No way, there was no way he was going to a shit hole place like America! No way…


End Prologue



Yeah, it’s short, but it’s also just the prologue, they’ll get longer. Heero’s kind of an ass in the beginning, but he has some growing up to do.


(1) ‘Name’ (pronounced ‘Nah May’) means wave. Heero’s father, Alexei, means defender.

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