Title: Of Politics And Murder

Author: Karina

Rating: PG

Pairing: Milliardo + Pagan

Notes: Challenge 81. Baby Series 3 #1. Takes place on New Years Eve, a week after Of Friends and Family.

Spoilers: None


Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing or the Characters from the series but the baby is mine.

Many thanks to ShenLong Deb for her work as beta.

Title: Of Politics And Murder

“It is confirmed?” Milliardo looked up, taking the folder.

Pagan inclined his head and motioned to the report. “The Inspector requests instructions. He is well aware of the delicate nature of the matter and how the perpetrator’s identity could incite a diplomatic incident.”

“The killer had to be from their own alignment of countries, didn’t he?” Milliardo sounded disgusted. “Although had the killer been from a rival alliance it would have been worse.”

“Indeed, Sir.”

“Why they have to bring their petty squabbles into Sanc…” Milliardo sighed. “My compliments to the Inspector for a job well done. Have him deliver copies of the evidence at noon tomorrow and all parties involved assembled in the Green Sitting Room at four. Three hours should give us sufficient time to go over details before I pull a few teeth.”

Pagan frowned. “It would possibly be better if you were uninvolved in this matter, Sir.”

“Probably, but I am not about to miss out on seeing their faces when the killers identity is revealed. It was a personal matter, but the killing took place in Sanc and those sanctimonious sons of bitches have given me hell over it the past few weeks. Give me some satisfaction, Pagan. I’ll let you come too.”

The bushy moustache twitched; a sure sign of amusement. “You could not keep me away, Sire.”

“I’m sure. In four days the season will be over and they can get their ungracious butts out of my country. I will require certain members of parliament attend the meeting.”

Pagan inclined his head. The members of parliament who had sponsored the prospective consorts involved in the murder investigation would bear witness and hopefully learn a lesson.

Though the world wore the name Unified Nation, the Earth was, in truth, a conglomerate of countries with allies strengthening their positions on the world stage. As of this time Sanc was a rarity, it’s newly reinstated independent status not officially recognized by the ESUN’s House of Representatives. At this point Sanc had no allies. In February the first sitting of the House would include discussion of the recognition of the country’s independence and it would be expected, through Relena as spokesperson, that Sanc would formally offer alliance to the ESUN.

Pagan expected both Milliardo and Relena to be courted by factions in the ESUN out to strengthen their own position in the political pecking order. Sanc’s position was delicate as Milliardo was feared, his reputation enough to give anyone pause. There would be those wondering if they wanted to align themselves with the Terror of Earth and others pondering if they dared not.

Many would think Sanc at a disadvantage and expect Milliardo to quietly sit in a corner and watch world events go by. Pagan doubted the King would tolerate such views for any appreciable length of time and there would always be eyes watching.

The coming year would be interesting.


Karina Robertson 2008

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