AN: Okay I saw a doujin a little while back that although I couldn’t understand given as I can’t read Japanese; I still enjoyed it so I thought I would write a lemon based on it. So please enjoy this as my Christmas present to all you wonderful people.

Disclaimer: I am not making any profit form this fiction and it is not my original idea.

A Christmas Surprise

Gohan released a tired sigh as he walked along one of the many hallways of Capsule Corp, his legs aching from walking up the seemingly endless numbers of stairs before finally coming to the floor his guest bedroom was on.

It was Christmas Eve and Bulma had been throwing one of her annual get together parties so that the whole gang would be able to celebrate Christmas together; which was now probably the only time that the heiress could ensure their would be no ‘friendly’ sparing session between Goku and Vegeta. Obviously the fought of so much food was enough to detour even the hungriest sayain from fighting his rival.

Smiling as his tired eyes spotted the very welcoming site of his bedroom door, Gohan’s tired limbs began to pick up speed as the thought of lying on the king size bed inside drew him on. To say the least, the day had been somewhat tiring for the young demisayain as ever since arriving at the Breif’s residence that morning; Gohan had been bombarded with demands for a spar by Vegeta, questions about homework and grandchildren from his mother and Bulma and perhaps worst of all two pesky little rug rats called Goten and Trunks who wanted to play all day long. And unfortunately for the teen, his problems didn’t end that day, earlier that morning, Gohan had got a call from Videl, telling him that she wouldn’t be able to join him at the party until later the next day; her father had insisted on spending Christmas even and morning with his daughter but the thought of watching that ’alien’ as he liked to call Gohan almost eating his daughter was to much for him to bear.

‘Kami Hercule, it’s not as if we would do anything in front of you’ Gohan thought as he remembered Videl telling him this; it wasn’t the best Christmas present Gohan had ever received but Videl had promised him she would make it up to him so it wasn’t all so bad.

Pulling at the collar of his shirt to try and loosen the button while grabbing hold of the door handle, the hybrid almost ripped the door frame off the wall in his frustration. But before he could step inside he stopped dead; eyes wide in disbelief.

The room was one of a basic set of guest rooms that Bulma had given out to each of the gang in case they ever spent the night. It was furnished simply, with a few seats, draws, cabinets and a large king size bed at the opposite side of the room. But it wasn’t the room that caught Gohan’s eye.

Lying in the middle of the room was perhaps the biggest sack the hybrid had ever seen. Shaking his head as he came back to the world of the living ; Gohan began to walk towards sack; wondering if it was one of Goten and Trunk‘s idea of a prank. ‘Hmmm, seems normal enough.’ It was just a simple brown, cloth sack; the top was tied together with a small red ribbon. Noticing a small note attached to the ribbon, Gohan read ‘Marry xmas’. okay it wasn’t Goten or Trunks, Goten didn’t know what xmas was and Trunks just wouldn’t bother with the note.

‘Okay, so it’s not Goten or Trunks but then who?” Gohan wondered, debating to himself the possible suspects and whether he should open the sack or not. However, his mind was made up when he accidentally grazed the sack with his hand and in response the sack shifted slightly. Curious, Gohan poked the sack with his finger and watched as it shifted again; sparking his curiosity just that amount needed.

Unwrapping the ribbon and opening the sack, Gohan was suddenly knocked back by a red and black blur. Gaping in shock as his back hit the floor, his black eyes opened to see a pair of light blue sapphire orbs staring back at him and a set of thin pink lips crashing down onto his in a passionate kiss.

“Videl?” Gohan asked, gasping for breath when his girlfriend’s lips left his.

“Surprise, Marry Christmas Gohan” the teen announced happily while wrapping her arms tightly around his neck in a tight embrace. Joining her in the hug, the hybrid began to gently run his finger’s through her spiky locks while enjoying the feel of her smaller frame against his.

Several minutes later, Gohan felt her warm, even breaths against his neck and realised that Videl had fallen asleep in his arms. Smiling slightly to himself, he gently picked her up and placed her on the near by sofa before stepping back and being able to admire his girlfriend’s beauty for the first time that night.

Videl was dressed in perhaps what was the most unusual garment Gohan had ever seen her wear. It was what could be described as a one piece miss Clause suit. It was basically a piece of red and white fur that covered her body from neck to thigh and yet it left little to the imagination as the large swell of her breasts were still visible. Two white buttons were sowed onto the fabric and wrapped around her waist was a black belt; although Gohan couldn’t see the point as the suit ended in a skirt. Covering the creamy skin of the girl’s thighs were a pair of white tights and black boots.

‘Ah… she looks so cute…’ Gohan thought to himself while looking at his girlfriend in her Santa suite before he turned around and was about to get the spare blanket for her when he almost tripped on the discarded sack. Snarling quietly to himself, Gohan grabbed the sack but as he was about to through it to the side of the room; he noticed something was still inside it. Reaching inside, Gohan withdrew not one but several medium sized packages all rapt in Christmassy wrapping paper.

Realising they were presents, Gohan placed them back in the sack before moving it to the far side of the room. Retrieving the spare blanket from a drew in the chest of cabinets, Gohan placed it over Videl before turning around and making his way towards the bed; intent on having a few hours shut eye when…

“Gohan…” Turing round in mid step, the hybrid saw that Videl had woken up, her tired blue eyes open and looking worriedly back at him. “Where are you going?”

“I’m just going to bed.” Replied Gohan while giving her a loving smile.

“Please…” Videl whispered, her still half asleep mind trying to find the words “Please, say with me” her hand reaching out from beneath the blanket.

The human inside Gohan was telling him to say no, not to look back and just go to bed; it wouldn’t be the first time he had almost lost control around Videl. However, his sayain side was screaming to take her hand and pull her to him and just at a glance look at the beauty was more than even a monk would be able to stand. Reaching out, Gohan took hold of her small hand in his before moving beneath the blanket and pulling her into his strong arms; her petite form crushed against him.

"Oh Gohan." She breathed against his heated skin, her breasts pressing against him as he pulled her more tightly into his arms. Lifting her chin slightly so he could look down into her sparkling blue eyes as he placed his lips softly against hers. As he pressed her body against his, Gohan could feel the warmth from her skin through the thick fur of her Santa Claus outfit and it drove him crazy with want to the point the could no longer resist her.

However Videl was faster, pushing on his shoulder and turning them around so that she was straddling him, her slender hands now laying on his hard chest as her luscious lips stayed linked to his thin ones as her hands moved behind his head. Her fingers tangled themselves within his short, dark spiky locks as her lips parted allowing Gohan’s now urgent tongue find hers.

Their tongues began a powerful duel that went on till the teens had to break the lip-lock to breath. Looking intently into her boyfriend’s dark eyes as she bit seductively onto his lower lip before completely separating from his lips. After that passionate kiss Gohan’s mind went numb, his senses were flooded by her sweet scent, by her hot-blooded form pressed against his; and his view was fixed onto the deep sapphire pools that were the only things he could actually see now that they were forehead to forehead, nose to nose.

One of his hands left her hips and slid up her back, tracing the outline of her spine and sending shivers and tremors through her before it reaching her cheek and moved her face away from his so he had a better view of her. He wanted to memorize her beautiful features; he wanted to impress in his mind her lively blue eyes, he desired to remember her perfectly shaped cute nose, her delicious, small but full ruby lips and her characteristic smile that he both loved and feared.

Taking a deep breath in an effort to calm her racing heart from the thought of what was to come, she flashed him another mischievous smile before leaning forward, her hands sinking into the cushion on either side of Gohan’s head. She watched his eyes as her face drew near, noting how they glittered in the dim night light, a mysterious deep black she had only ever seen on the darkest nights. She bent her head and gently kissed each eyelid in turn. “I always wanted to do that. You have such lovely eyes.” She sighed softly against his ear, noting his shiver as her warm, moist breath grazed across his skin. She kissed his nose, then his cheeks, then his chin, before rubbing the soft skin of her cheek against the hardened skin of his jaw, revelling in the contrast in textures. Her hair tickling his cheek and making him groan softly at the teasing touch. She sighed again, hardly daring to believe this was real, that this was Gohan, her Gohan beneath her, allowing her to actually touch him this way.

It wasn’t that their relationship had been going stale, oh kami no; it had become common practice now for their training and studying sessions to become heated making out time and she had even stated warring a scarf to hide her impressive array of love bites. But they had never progressed this far before, partly due to the fact that they quite often got interrupted by Chichi bringing in drinks for the couple or Goten and trunks dropping down on them to join in with the training. But also because of her, before Videl had never been quiet sure about their relationship until that morning; when she had told Gohan that she couldn’t spend the day with him because her dad wanted to spend the day with her and he agreed just to make her happy. That was it, Videl knew that she would never meet someone she could love as much as she did for Gohan and him for her and their was only one way she could give him to prove it.

Although anything else would be his early Christmas present…

She dropped a kiss on his jaw and swept her tongue up the curve of it, teasing the spot beneath his ear. Slightly salty and sweet, the mere taste of him was sending her system into overdrive and needing more, she began to kiss and nibble his neck fervently, not even noticing when his hands came up and buried themselves in her hair.

“Oh Kami Videl,” he moaned, loving the feel of her sweet lips on his the head of his cock slip past her lips as she takes me into the warm cavern of her mouth. Her tongue wraps around me, massaging me as she slowly takes more of my dick into her mouth. So slow. . .how can she be so slow? “Yes,” the word escapes my mouth as a groan when my dick hits the back of her mouth. ‘Take more of it,’ I silently plead to Faye, hoping she’ll deep throat me. It would be the least she could do to pay me back for the torture of this last week.

Videl began exploring the teen with her mouth, her skilled fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt as her tongue began mapping the curve of his collarbone, her lips learning the slope of his shoulder, the bulging muscles that made up his arms and stomach, her teeth tugged gently at his flat nipples. She was lost in the taste and feel of him, in the sounds of his soft panting breath and groans under her ministrations.

“Are you enjoying your Christmas Present?” Videl asked before bending her head and seductively dipping her tongue in his belly button, slowly swirling it around against the sensitive skin. Gohan’s hips suddenly jerked up, his erection brushing her breast as he groaned, pressing his head into the pillow. Videl looked down and contemplated the rather large bulge in his trousers which was becoming more and more evident with each passing moment, before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before finally sliding further down his legs.

“Hmm…aroused already?” she purred before with a trembling finger, she traced the outline of his cock through the fabric, drawing back in surprise when she felt it suddenly twitch in response and a long hiss passes through Gohan‘s lips. Curious, she did it again before suppressing a nervous giggle as Gohan half murmured, half moaned “Kami! You’re going to tease me to death.”

Deciding to take pity on him, she used shaky fingers to undo the button, before swallowing hard as she slowly pulled the zipper; allowing his hardened erection now free of its bonds to burst free. Gohan breathed a sigh o relief as his straining member sprang free before shifting a leg to the side slightly so that Videl was nestled comfortably between his legs. Smiling at the look of relief on his face, Videl shifted her gaze to his erection. Well, she had obviously been doing something right.

Videl was not an innocent – she had seen pictures of naked men, being best friends with Erasa meant that she would have had to see page after page of every play Girl since the blond started buying them but seeing it up close and personal was something else entirely. Videl stared wide-eyed at Gohan’s penis. This was the first time she’d ever seen this much of the male anatomy, but she was certain that most men were not as big as the example that had been laid out before her. At the very least, he was a good ten inches!

Gohan’s erection was a deeper shade of red than she could have imagined and seemed much larger than the ones in the magazines. Carefully, she reached out and ran her fingers up his cock from base, buried in a light nest of dark hair, to tip. Feeling his heated skin pulse under her touch, she then wrapped her fingers around him, amazed at the incredible heat and the silken texture of the skin surrounding the hard, firm length of his manhood. She squeezed him gently, causing the hybrid to gasp in pleasure before she traced the vein on the underside with her thumb, watching in fascination as Gohan’s hips bucked as pearly drops of moisture began flowing down his length. Leaning down, she lightly touched the tip of her tongue to the head of his cock, lapping up the drops of pre-cum like a sex kitten in it‘s saucer of milk. It tasted sweet, but all her brain could register was that this was Gohan’s essence and that meant it was nicer than any fine wine.

Wrapping her petite hands around his phallus, she began to slowly stroke his damp pole slowly and gently, it was mesmerizing just to look at it. She had always wanted to but never had a chance to get this close to him, but now that she was, she was a little nervous.

“I’m sorry…” Videl mumbled, looking up at the hybrid with a look that could almost melt his heart. “I’m not actually sure how to do this.”
“You don’t have to…” Gohan said, trying not to let his disappointment at the prospect of her not finishing show.
“No, you just relax and enjoy your Christmas present.” Videl insisted.

Stroking his penis up and down as she lowered her lips to it’s tip and exhaling her hot breath over the sensitive head and causing Gohan to shiver violently as he felt Videl’s hot breath upon him. Until Gohan’s eyes shot open as he felt her hot wet lips on his skin. Videl started to slowly kiss and lick his length, making the hybrid feel as if the very tip of his member was going to burst, her hand stopping its movements so that there was only her mouth, tongue and teeth playing with his aching manhood and pleasuring him.

“oh kami, Videl… more…more” Gohan’s low voice spoke between moans; smiling proudly to herself at knowing what he wanted; Videl put her lips at the head of his throbbing manhood before engulfing him. Placing both her hands on his knees as she slowly began to bob her head back and forth; slowly letting his length pass through her scarlet lips. The skin of his member was so sensitive at that moment that he could feel every minimal movement her tongue against his shaft, her teeth scraping lightly his skin, and every time she inhale he could sense his manhood pulsing into her damp orifice. Gohan watched in wonderment as Videl pleasured him; he couldn’t believe that he waited this long for something this good.

“Oh Shit, Videl…” Gohan moaned as he felt the head of his cock slip past her lips as she took him into the warm cavern of her mouth. Her tongue slowly wrapped around him, massaging me as she slowly took more of his dick into her mouth. ‘So slow. . .how can she be so slow?’ “Yes,” the word escaped the hybrids mouth as a groan when his dick hits the back of her mouth.

Soon Videl realized that she couldn’t balance something as large as his ten inch cock without her hands. Wrapping them around the base of his swelling member as she kept on bobbing up and down on him, she began to massage the exposed skin of his shaft with her fingers while applying a light pressure with her thumbs that made him groan louder.

Videl loved the sound that he made as she sucked him, every time her mouth dipped lower his breathing became heavier and her name released in a long moan and also sucking on him became easier as she became more comfortable with it. Relaxing her throat, she slowly slid her damp orifice further down around him, taking as much of his dick in as she possibly could. Gohan moaned again, the noise serving only to excite the hot teen in a Santa suit further. Sliding her mouth back to his tip before plunging his cock back into her hot mouth; moaning around him. “Kami, Videl!” Gohan almost screamed. One of her hands slid away from his organ and rested at his balls. Cradling the velvety sack in her gentle fingers, gently massaging them as she took him into her mouth once more.

At the feeling of his girlfriend relaxing her throat and slowly sliding her mouth further down his manhood, Gohan’s lust clouded eyes began to roll as he laced his fingers into her dark hair. He was tempted to push her head down onto his cock, but Gohan tried to control himself. A long moan was emitted from his throat as she pulls her head back, only to slide back down on my cock again. Her tongue relentlessly teasing him as she began to moan, adding to his pleasure.

The hybrid’s hips began to buck into the beauty’s mouth as he feel her moan again, the vibrations travailing along his acing cock and driving him to the point of no return, pressing him even closer to the edge. ‘Her mouth feels so good. . .how did I make it this far.’ A white-knuckled hand clutched the edge of the matrice as she bobs her head up and down his manhood, gently squeezing his balls as she does this.

Gohan held onto Videl’s head by her hair and slowly began to guide her as she continued to pleasure him. He was as hard as a rock and more horny than he could ever remember. It was still unbelievable to him that it was Videl who had been pleasuring him, although she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely, and indeed she was. But their wouldn’t be any other man that she would be doing this two, Gohan was the only man for Videl.

Videl could feel her loves orgasm coming on, as much as he tried to suppress it she could feel his body begin to lightly shake and his cock twitching. In her mind she could imagine him spraying his seed all over her, but she wanted to taste him. Keeping her lips wrapped around his penis as she gently squeezed him with her mouth while stroking him hard with her hand. As her speed increased, Gohan started to buckle under the pleasure.

Suddenly feeling more erotic than ever and her assault on Gohan became even more sensual as her mouth hungered for more of him. Videl could feel his orgasm and he could no longer contain it. At his climax Videl put her mouth over the head of his penis and prepared herself for what was about to come forth…

“oh Kami, Videl!” her name left his lips in a long moan as one last stroke brought him over the edge, his hot seed exploding from his thick manhood into her mouth as she swallowed it greedily; sucking in all his juices. And although the teen tried to swallow as much as she could, it came into her mouth to fast.

Gohan finally stopped as Videl’s mouth began overflowing. The Sayain hybrid was panting heavily, his body covered with sweat, and the wave of adrenaline that the incredible orgasm had brought in his blood was making him tremble slightly as he tried to regain his energy.

Videl licked her lips clean, her sapphire blue eyes staring up at her love with a long, seductive smile on her lips. Slowly, the teen got out of the bed, slowly dragging her nails along Gohan’s hard chest before she moved away to sit on the bed.

Gohan could only watch on in awe as Videl stood by the bed, both her hands reaching down to the hem of her suit as she asked “So which looks better?”

Gohan only had a moment to give her a confused look before with one hand she took hold of the suit and began to pull it up her body; revealing the lightly tanned skin of her lower thighs from where her biker shorts had revealed them to the sun. Then came the contrasting creamy skin of her hips and slim stomach; also revealing the white thong that hid her treasures and made Gohan‘s mouth water. Giving him a sly smile, Videl took hold of her underwear and started to slide off her thong; dropping it to her feet. She then sat on the bed; her legs spread as she gave Gohan a view of her entrance.

“I did this all for you…” She said as her hand moved between her own legs and slid between her folds, a barely audible moan reaching Gohan’s ears. Videl’s tongue snaked out to moisten her lips as her fingers made long, slow strokes through her folds. Gohan could almost see the instant her breath quickened from the sensation by the subtle change in the rise and fall of her large breasts through the red material. Her motions excited the teen to the point of madness an he just couldn’t resist.

Getting up from the sofa, Gohan moved like a stalking tiger towards his prey. Discarding his unbuttoned shirt and stepping out of his trousers, Gohan caught the luscious teen off guard by pushing her onto her back beneath him. Taking hold of her suit, he quickly pulled it over her head , leaving her bear to his hungry eyes.

“Kami... you’re gorgeous…” Gohan whispered huskily. His eyes traveled up her torso till they located the objects of their main interest. He felt his member growing to the point of where he thought it might burst from just staring at them. Videl’s breasts were full, firm and large, easily medium sized Ds; their milky-like complexion accentuated the contrast with her rosy nipples that due to the change of temperature and Gohan’s hungry gaze had stiffened.

He was still gazing at her bosom when a slim forefinger reached his chin and gently tilted his head up to look at the teen’s face; her head leaning up so that their lips touched in a sweet kiss that only heightened their want for each other. Her lips moved sensually onto his as her thin dark hair tickled his skin, then the kiss was gone and he could feel her hot damp breath at his ear

“Are you gonna just sit here and stare at them all the night?” her sultry voice asked just before she nipped his lobe seductively. A very Vegetaish grin made its way on Gohan’s lips as his sayain blood dictated his actions and his hands locked securely onto Videl’s inviting hips before slipping her into his awaiting lap. His hot breath, burning against the sensitive flesh of her neck, grasping his large hand as he brought it to her right breast.

"Gohan...," she gasped, arching her back against his hard chest, her hands snaking behind his neck and tangling in the spiky locks as her tongue tickled his ear, leaving a lightening trail of passion along the sensitive skin as she emitted a purr of untamed pleasure. "Gohan," she moaned yet again, "take me...please."

Hearing her beg for him with that needy tone, Gohan couldn’t help but smile wickedly as he flipped them around so that she was back on the matrice as he leaned forward and kissed her lips once more before starting his trail downwards. Licking her neck as he lightly caressed the sensitive skin of Videl’s belly and causing her to moan softly before gasping in alarm and pleasure as she felt Gohan’s rough hands cupping her breasts and gently squeezing them.

Noticing Videl's reaction, Gohan’s tongue traveled teasingly down the valley of her breasts till coming to her belly button, where he stopped to leave soft kisses on her flat stomach. Aggravated with his teasing Videl reached a hand down to his head and pulled him one more time to her lips.

“Please Gohan, stop teasing me.”

His lips touched hers lightly before a soft moan escape Videl when Gohan’s sayain speed allowed him to move faster than she could see and his mouth finally gave its attentions to her right breast; his lips wrapping around the sensitive nipple and tugging it gently between his lips as he pulled away slightly before letting it pop back into position. His teeth started to tenderly nip at the rosy bud before his skilled tongue completed the teasing licking; much to Videl’s delight. He kept on doing that for a few minutes before moving to the other, enjoying the sound of her pants, and noticing how her heartbeats had increased their rate. Videl suddenly took hold of a large lock of Gohan's black hair, gently tugging at it whenever it felt exceptionally good.

Seeing that his ministrations were a big hit with Videl, Gohan pulled his mouth away from the nipple, leaving it wet and warm with his saliva. Keeping his hands cupped around her breasts, the sayain hybrid started to kiss his way down Videl's stomach, stopping only to playfully tongue her belly button. Videl giggled when she felt her love's warm, wet tongue in her navel, and closed her eyes, savoring the amazing feeling of passion that was bubbling up inside her, making her labia wet with arousal.

A sensuous moan escaped her lips as she felt Gohan’s hot tongue parting her folds and sliding into her damp womanhood, his teeth gently scraping her clit. Her slender hand suddenly gripped the dark locks of her boyfriend's hair as his tongue delved deep into her center. Her sun-kissed thighs wrapped around his neck as she choked back moans that fought to be released along with the overwhelming culmination that had built up so thick, due to the spiky haired man's attentions.

He suckled her small bundle of nerves and made a low rumbling "Mmm..." that reverberated through her and inclined that he enjoyed her essence. She felt his long muscular arms snake their way around her thighs and quickly snap them apart, away from his head with such ferocity she gasped. Her body quivered as her mind registered the sudden access her cloudy sapphire orbs was given. She could see his deep black eyes peering up at her with a true carnal hunger burning in them as his mouth feasted on her flowing entrance as his hands held her lengthy legs open, the sight itself was beyond erotic and only brought her closer to the peak she so very much desired to reach.

Videl was in a state of pure bliss, he was absolutely awesome at this. His tongue swiveled expertly down her moistened slit and she felt a pulse pound through her as her eyes squeezed shut and she almost screamed his name to the air around. She anticipated another one of his delightful techniques, just one more would send her flying over that so welcoming edge.

The spiky haired sayain eagerly thrust his tongue in and out of his beautiful girlfriend’s hot tunnel as the enticing scent of her sticky honey was pervading his nostrils and making him even more anxious to take her. He fastened his entrances lightly biting her moist folds with his teeth once a while; till suddenly he heard his name echoing through the walls of the room, her hands pressing his head further down into her depths as she came into his mouth in a gush of steamy essence.

Her vision was blurry and she slowly blinked open her eyes, the first thing she witnessed was the deep blur of Gohan’s body as he slowly over her. A smug look played upon his face, making it clear that he was pleased with himself for bringing her to such a climax. Videl could feel her inner walls contracting and her essence oozing out of her pussy and onto the beds sheets; not once in her life had she had such an incredible sensation.

Gohan positioned himself between her spread legs, taking his still ragging member in his hand and placing it at her opening and teasingly rubbing the tip against her clit; smiling at the shiver she made from his contact. However, despite his current arousal, Gohan was worried, even for a sayain her was larger and thicker than normal, about 10 inches and 5 around... and she was so small, he didn’t want to hurt her, but he knew he would not have much of a choice. "Videl... This is going to hurt a little.. But I promise, are you sure.... " He murmured in a concerned voice, beginning to press his member into her tight opening, gasping at the restriction.

Videl squeezed her eyes shut tightly before they suddenly shot open as she bucked her hips up once, forcing him into her all the way. She wrapped her arms around Gohan, pulling his large body closer as she let out a scream of agony, sinking back onto the bed as blood began to flow out around his thick, hard member and trailing down her inner thighs. "Go…Gohan…" she moaned, her nails digging into his back and forming red, miniature crescent moons in his flesh. "It..It hurts," she whispered, burying her face in his neck as she thought back a wave of tears.

Gohan was gasping in pleasure, trying to hold off the desire to cum right then and their, she was so, so tight around him.... Kissing her neck softly and lightly licking the sensitive areas in an attempt to soothe her anguish with pleasure as he let her get used to the feeling of having him inside her. "Relax love... It will get easier if you do." He whispered softly, kissing her throat tenderly before lowering his hand down to her clit and rolling it softly with his fingertip, trying to remove some of her focus from the pain. "Kami… you’re squeezing me so tight... I love the way your pussy clings to me..." Pulling himself up slowly, and lifting the crooks of her knees into his hands, he glanced down to the bloody sheets and his crimson tainted member, beginning to withdraw it slowly, until only the head was within her, then sinking back in.

“That’s it! Oh that’s it!” she gasped, the pain suddenly subsiding as pleasure washed over her from the feeling of his member sliding into her tight canal, “Oh-oh my Kami!”

“Oh Videl!” moaned Gohan, feeling the tight heat around his dick.

Slowly, he thrust his hard penis into her tight vagina. Her walls were tight, so he gave her a little time to adjust before he went as deep as he could until he hit her cervix. Given how athletic she was, it came as no surprise that she didn’t have a hymen. But he still gave her a moment before going any further.

“Are you okay?” he said, holding her hips tight.

“Yhea I’m okay,” she panted, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Come on, don’t stop… OHH…OOOHHHH…GOHAN! OOOOOHHHHH…KAMI…! KEEP…GOING!! OOOOOOHHHH!” Videl cried, making Gohan chuckle as the strength and speed of his thrusts suddenly increased.

“Stop moaning so loud…the party downstairs might hear you,” Gohan whispered but abruptly cried out in pain as Videl tried to keep her lips sealed by biting down onto his shoulder. It didn’t help. She continued to cry and moan out every time Gohan drove into her.

“BUT…IT’S…SO…BIG!!! OOH!” Videl moaned, her eyes shutting tightly and making Gohan smirk. Wrapping his arms around his waist, he increased the tempo of his thrusts, as well as changing the rhythm a bit so that she could experience the different pleasures from a different pattern. He wanted her to feel all she could in the time they had with each other.

As Gohan continued his thrusting, he suddenly felt that a change was in order. Seeing that he was doing so much for her, he thought that it was about time for her to try something different. In the blink of an eye, Videl found herself sitting on Gohan, his hands holding her hips as she sat with him embed inside her. The odd position made the dark haired beauty a little disoriented, but at the same time the pleasure it gave to her was almost unbearable; Gohan’s member was embedded inside her heated core to the hilt and it fitted her perfectly, it was like they were made for each other.

Gohan suddenly thrust into her, immersing himself a little deeper inside her slippery channel and making her close her eyes as a moan escaped her crimson lips; she then felt his hands lift her up till he was almost withdrawn from her before lowering her back down again as slowly as he could. He kept on doing that, lifting her up just to impale her back again on his thick shaft so that soon the only sounds audible in the room were the moans and grunts of pleasure that came from the two lovers as they rode each other.
Videl’s eyes slowly began to roll as her hands began to slide up her body to fondle her own soft mounds while Gohan’s hands were busy easing his entrances into her tight passage and her head rolled back due to the feeling of pure pleasure she was experiencing down between her thighs. His thick member was hitting her pleasure spot over and over again making her moan louder each time as she neared her climax at a erratic pace.

“No…ooohhh…I think…I’m going too…OOOHHH…Cum! OOOHHHH…Gohan!” Videl screamed, driving herself down onto Gohan’s shaft, the feeling of him rubbing her insides and going in deep.

"So soon?" He asked with an innocent smile, as he felt Videl's insides begin to grip ferociously at his member and signalling her immanent release. "Can't… help it! Oh, oh Kami, Oh FUUUCK!" Her voice echoed around the room as Gohan kept thrusting inside her, fucking her through the climax into another and surprising even himself, another. Deciding he didn't want to end this incredible moment just yet, he slowed his hips to allow some of the sensitivity that had built up inside him to die down.

She could only smile dreamily down at him, even in her climax dazed state she knew it only got better. "YES!" She cried out as he seemingly impaled her very soul with the massive force he penetrated her with. "AH! AH! AH!" Videl's voice jumped frantically in tone while Gohan used faster, deeper strokes to keep her body in ecstasy driven madness. "H-H-HARDER! Gohan, HARDER!" He knew that she would not be able to walk tomorrow without wishing she had an ice pack nestled between her legs but neither he nor she cared if it took weeks for them to walk again, the orgasm she was approaching would be worth it.

Meanwhile, Gohan leaned forward and put his mouth near hers and asked a question he already knew the answer to, "Are you still flexible?" He asked calmly, not letting up on his thrusts. "Oh Kami! I'M FLEX-X-XIBLE ENOUGH!" She screamed in anticipation and as her legs were pressed back against her chest, the weight of Gohan's entire lower body was flung against her, driving Videl lustfully insane.

“Oh Kami! Oh Kami! Yes! Yes! YES!” cried Videl, “Oh it feels so good!”

“Uh-uh-Videl! Oh Videl!”

Their naked flesh slammed together in a mantra of clashing skin. The feeling of Gohan’s heavy weight against her naked body made Videl cry in delight. It was amazing. It was ecstasy. It was like a dream she never wanted to awaken from. She was sharing a level of intimacy with someone she never thought possible to reach. And she loved every second of it.

They went at it long and hard for good while, stretching it out for as long as they could. Videl adjusted her body at times, lifting her hips to supplement each thrust and adjusting her legs, spreading them in a wide V-shape so Gohan was able to fuck her at a different angle. Gohan did the same, adjusting along the way as he explored her inner depths, getting a feel for what she liked. He soon found a few spots that made her moan a great deal and thoroughly attacked them as Videl drew nearer to her peak.


Digging her nails into Gohan’s back, Videl tightened her legs around Gohan’s torso. Squeezing with all her might, Videl threw her head back and arched her body. Every muscle in her pussy contracted around the hybrid’s hard dick, tightening hard as waves of orgasmic bliss shot up through her body. Her pleasured cries were music to the hybrid’s ears as he panted hard at the hot feeling around his dick.

She felt every vein, every crease, and every twitch of his penis inside of her, with this the teen only had one thing to say, "I… I… lllllooovvveee youuuuu, GOHHHAAANNNNN!!!!” Her words barely got past her passion-wracked body.

And with that, she came to the point her walls wouldn't allow Gohan any movement inside what so ever. Gohan’s mismatched eyes shut tightly as he felt himself nearing his limit. Videl was so close, and as he hit her pleasure spots she couldn’t hold back and she came in a gush of hot fluid that coated the pulsating cock inside of her pussy at a speedy tempo. Sensing her inner walls convulsing and tightening in erratic spasms around his thick member Gohan let out a low grunt and exploded in a burst of cum into Videl’s moistened hollowness.

The sapphire eyed girl collapsed onto the hard mussels of Gohan’s chest; she was so tired she could barly move. Unable to move, she felt Gohan’s muscular arms wrap around her waist and pull her naked body into a comfortable embrace. They lay like that for a few minutes, just basking in their after glow until a shrill shriek rang throughout the then.
Reaching over, Gohan only registered the four blinking 0s for a second before he crushed the alarm clock beneath his fist, silencing the ungodly noise. Looking down at Videl’s smiling face as she slept, he whispered softly, “Merry Christmas Videl, thank you; I loved my present.”

The End

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