1x2, NCS, PWP, Humour?, Angst?

By Dark Sadistic Angel

'Hey duuudes,' came a lazy drawl. 'It looks like we've got
ourselves a Preveeenter here..'
The way the tall, youth stooped over the top of him spoke
sounded like that of a slurred drug addict, but the clear glint
in his emerald eyes- or at least, the one that was showing since
the other was hidden by a fall of long bangs, belied the initial
impression. The scrawny kid was clearly more intelligent then he
But it didn't take much brains to figure out that he, Duo
Maxwell, an elite operator of the Preventer secret intelligence
forces, to know that he was in a piss poor situo. After all, his
badge was in the kid's hand, and the kid had about five or so
older friends with him. Who just happened to be some major
badass gang he had the misfortunate luck to stumble accidentally
into while looking for a place to smoke. Never mind cancer. Duo
didn't think he'd be dying from that effect of being nicotine
addicted. Lady luck had turned her back on him and farted in his
The teenager straightened up, and dealt a kick to Duo's ribs. He
cringed in an effort to minimise the impact and grunted as the
steel toed boots impacted his bones. The blow added to the many
bruises he had, but there was no way to avoid it. Hard to, since
his arms were tied back behind with his own set of steel
One of the other older guys approached and aimed a handgun down.
It would figure, Duo thought. One measly blow from behind had
knocked him out, and now he was facing death in the muzzle like
a tied-up piece of loser trash .So much for his dream to go down
fighting in a grand Hollywood style shoot out- the only reason
why he had joined the Preventers. Why did his end have to be
just as pathetic as his start? He wasn't even on a case. He was
on a friggin' paid vacation that he had not even want to take
but needed to take, according to his boss, until the fuss died
down from his last case.
'Don't shoot the man, dude,' drawled the youth again. 'The
others won't be too pleased if we leave a corpse in their
backyard. On this Colony, it's simply not good business manners
unless you stick around to deal with the stirred-up wasp nest
yourself. Unless, of course, we're not coming back here?'
The man swore.
'Shit- we'll just take him and space him outside this district
It was to that sentence that Duo found him in unconscious again.

'He's a Preveeenter, duuude,' drifted the same lazy drawl into
his ear.
'Hn,' a harsher, deeper tone voice grunted.
Both the sounds came from the same direction. To his left.
'We're launching in ten. Trant wants to space him after we're
away from this place.'
'What to do?'
'Secure down his body. We don't want him bouncing around the
place during launch.'
'I stuck him in a coffin. He won't be moving.'
A coffin? He couldn't mean- Duo cranked open one eye then
groaned. The white glass a mere inch away from his face
confirmed his suspicion. They had entrapped him in a bunk pod.
Bunk pods were enclosed coffin-like seats made to secure
passengers for space launches, and were also standard sleep
quarters. Death by gunshot, he could take with his customary
black humour. But the slick, cool foam moulded to his body made
him turn cold and... aw fuck. There was a reason why he never
took to space other then in his own specially customised
spaceship. He couldn't stand bunk pods. At all. He wanted out of
there! He banged the white glass with his forehead.
'Hey! Hey you! I know you're there. Let me out!'
'He's awake.'
'Let me fucking out!' Duo shouted.
There was a hiss as the pod front opened. Duo suddenly blinked
as an incredibly beautiful face appeared before him. The
half-Asian, half-Caucasian girl frowned at him. Her long, brown
lashes fluttered down briefly in irritation before rising to
expose sharp, brilliant Prussian blue eyes. Then the girl spoke.
'Shut up,' came a deep, masculine voice.
Then he was knocked out again.

It was with a sense of deja vu he woke up. He was on his back,
handcuffed, and surrounded by a large group of toughies. And
there was that same tall youth standing over him, with the same
bored look on his dead-plan face.
'Hey duuudes, the guy's awake. Should we ask him his name before
we send him out in the cargo bay?'
'No need. Just space the trash.'
'Hey!' Duo glared at the speaker. It was the man from before. No
doubt the man was the Trant guy the boy had referred to. 'I'm
not the trash here. You are.'
'Guy's got a mouth on him,' muttered a muscled lackey. 'Let's
see if it can scream in space.'
'Fuck that, just stick tape on him and shove him out already.
Silence is golden, and I.'
Duo found himself gagged then picked up. He began struggling.
'Stop. Give him to me,' came a deep, husky voice.
Duo couldn't crane his neck around to see the speaker but knew
immediately who it was. It was that girl-guy from before.
'What the- why?'
'I want to use that mouth for something else.'
'Thought all you rogue techies cared about were computers.
You've got to be shitting me, Yuy? He's got long hair but ain't
no real bitch, you know.'
'I don't care. I'm not particular- a body's a body. We've got
forty-eight days until we reach the destination. Since we're
going so far out, I can't connect to the net. He'll do for
entertainment instead. Unless you've got a man to spare to be my
"bitch"? I can't guarantee I'll leave him intact, though. I
don't do gentle.'
Mutters rippled through the group. From the faces Duo could see,
a lot blanched at the proposal. But his own face was no less
white. Yuy had spoken matter-of-factly, as if explaining his
desire to brutally rape another man was ordinary habit. The
beautiful face he'd glimpsed had to be the face of a devil.
Being killed quickly was one thing but over a month of being...
It was worse then being in a coffin. No. He wouldn't become no
man's bitch!
'You can have him. I don't care how good you are at hacking and
stuff, or how much the big boss values you, just keep your hands
off my men, Yuy. They aren't like your shady, sick kind. Barton,
move him to Yuy's quarters.'
'Okay dude,' came lazy acknowledgement. 'Moving the meat over.'
He nearly broke his back in his struggles, but it was no use.
The luxuriously wide bed he found himself unceremoniously dumped
in wasn't a coffin pod. It was far worse.

The room laid in semi-darkness. Yuy had left the room.
'The first time's the worse,' was what Yuy had told him
during... that. 'But it would get better... after you've
adjusted to the pain. I won't hurt you so much if you stop
struggling. So just trust me, and bear with it. Don't flinch
from the knife. I need you to bleed, but I don't want you dying
on me.'
It had been hard not to. He'd never followed orders in his life.
He'd never been beaten in a one on one fight too.
He had never had an organism from sick activities with another
man either.
It was an awakening that, in the cold semen aftermath, made him
want to vomit in disbelief.
He had sex with the devil.
A knock sounded. Duo couldn't look at the man who came in. There
was no strength in his muscles for him to even lift up his head.
He couldn't control himself. He was shaking, and couldn't stop.
The room brightened artificially as the overhead fluro lights
switched on. Plates clattered.
'Shit... the techie's really a psycho. Bleeding over the fucking
place... shit, he's a mess. Guy's sick in the head- look at all
those slashes- how the fuck can blood turn on somebody?'
'Better him then us. But yeah... it ain't nothing I've seen
before. The guy isn't normal.'
'What are you doing in my room?'
'We... we got orders to come down here to feed the prisoner.'
'From who? I didn't ask for it.'
'No one is to step inside here without my permission. Be
informed that if anyone again does it, I'll consider that person
a side-offering from Trant. Do you understand me?'
Hasty steps beat a retreat.
Leaving him alone again with the devil.
'Agent Duo Maxwell...'
How did he know-? The badge that had been taken away from him.
It made sense. They had his ID details.
Light fingers touched his chin and forced his face up to meet
the gaze of his enemy.
'You will follow all my orders from now on. I will hurt you but
I will take care of you. Do you understand?'
He had no choice, did he?
'Do you understand, Agent?'
Duo nodded. Once. He understood. But at first opportunity, Duo
would kill him. Then he was going to kill himself.
An unreadable look past through the other's expression.
'Good,' the young man said softly. 'That's a good Agent.'

The night they were due to land, the man called Heero Yuy
approached him in what had become somewhat of an ordinary event.
Duo seriously doubted that was his real name. It was a mockery
of the past peacemaker whom had formed the Preventers after
bringing peace to space. Most times, Yuy would only quickly do
Duo over just before the allocated time period of Duo's daily
morning weight exercise, spending no more than fifteen minutes
in bringing them both to ejaculation so that Duo always entered
the training rooms always smelling of sex, his head down with
humiliation to avoid the knowing looks of the other gang
members. Night time sex was less, but happened regularly enough.
Yuy would free Duo from his normal bounds so that he was free
enough to fight. Duo knew Yuy was baiting him each time, as
after the third time, it became crystal clear that Duo could
never beat Yuy in a fight. The man had the strength of a
monster. Fighting him wiped Duo out.
The sex afterwards was just as exhausting.
After a while, Duo suddenly found himself no longer caring about
the wrongness of the situation. Spending day in and out with Yuy
in the enclosed room had made him lose his senses. It had to be
the enclosure. He had never been good with being trapped. Not
only boredom, he couldn't stand the silence! Initially distant
and closed-lipped himself, Duo was unable to help himself after
the second week of silence. He began to talk. Not about work, as
he wasn't a fool, but of inane things. Being imprisoned onboard
was driving him crazy. Needing some sort of human attention, he
had initially tried flinging insults and taunts at his keeper,
but unexpectedly, he suddenly found himself flirting with his
During all of his crushes, he'd never confessed his feelings. He
had been too shy. His first kiss was with a man. It happened on
the twentieth day of meeting the psychopath, and his right to
shyness had long disappeared.
The same man now was unbuttoning his shirt with great
familiarity, and Duo was letting him. And this time, as it had
been for many nights, Yuy's didn't have a knife to his throat.
The fight before had been short. Yuy had taken him down in a
strangle hold, but Duo hadn't cared to fight further. He had
signalled his acceptance of defeat by licking at Yuy's warm
skin, and was thrown onto the bed. His neck still hurt, but the
excitement that was rapidly heating up his body occupied more of
his attention then his soreness. Kisses traced a light path from
his neck to his nipples as more of his chest was exposed to the
air conditioning's currents, and his nipples peaked in
anticipation. Hands freed his already excited member, and
massaged him below. Thrills of pleasure shot through him.
Duo arched his back, offering his body towards Yuy. And to his
eternal shame and pleasure, Yuy took him up. In the midst of
passion's haze, the words; 'sorry', did not register in his mind
as the man above whispered him into his ear, nor did he see
Yuy's remorseful eyes as the other man's face was turned down
towards the coarse bedsheet.

'Duuude,' drawled a soft, lazy voice. 'You've got to be reeeaal
quiet. Otherwise,' the voice suddenly sharpened, 'you'll mess up
Agent Yuy's mission. He's done enough for you, keeping you alive
on that ship of pirates. So keep your gun ready, but don't go
out. Not yet.'
Sharp green eyes looked at him as the man jerked his head
towards the gathering of people below. The teenager- or rather,
young man, was now dressed in a tight fitting black V-shirt and
black stretch jeans. Not being the customary loose sports
clothing, it was now clear the speaker was some skinny fresh
faced teenager, but a well built young man who was, apparently,
the same age as himself, if not older. To boot, the guy was an
undercover Preventer agent. It had been an extreme topsy-turvy
reality he had awoken to, and he still was wondering whether he
actually had awoke.
'Hey dude,' he said shakily back. 'I got it, okay? Who the fuck
are you, anyway?'
'Need to know basis for now, junior. Don't be rude to your
senior,' said the other agent. 'You can just call me Agent
Barton for now, if you really do need a name.' The sandy brown
hair man tapped behind his ear with his finger. 'It looks like
everyone's in place. As soon as Agent Yuy pulls out a gun on the
big boss there, we can go.'
Duo frowned.
'He's been searched- they cleared him. How can he be armed?'
'That I don't know, but he's got a speciality in pulling out
weapons from nowhere.'
The brown hair man raised his arm, and suddenly a hand gun
appeared. The muzzle of it rested directly on the forehead of
what appeared to be the gathering's leader. Duo saw the ship's
smaller boss, Trant, paled. Suddenly a frenzy of guns,
semi-automatic, automatic, customised and standard appeared from
all areas. And Duo was one of the holders.
'Freeze- Preventers!' came a chorus of voices.
Then following, a sole shout of surprise.
'What the hell- Duo! What are doing here? Your only mission is
supposed to be to have a holiday!? Report to me after this!'
As he saw his angry boss's face in the crowd of Preventer
agents, Duo could only bit back an expletive.
Lady luck had decided to make a patty of shit and throw at him.
Her aim was true.

He was screamed at, shouted at, then scolded before his boss
calmed down enough to ask him the details. Duo calmly to his
boss all of the details, save for the major one- how he had
survived the ship ride. When his boss pressed, Duo went quiet.
It was no doubt Duo's expression that made his superior back
off. The black labelled envelope that came an hour later to
inform that the cases' details would be confidential even to the
high ranks, confirmed that it had been the right decision.
Duo didn't want to remember it. Nor think about it.
The confinement was over.
He could go back to his own life.
Or so he thought.
It was an off-chance. The route down to the car park wasn't one
he normally took. Being situated on the tenth floor, he would
normally ride the elevator down to the basement area, but
lately, enclosed spaces were places he could not stand. It
brought back a strange painful, feeling in his chest. So he took
the emergency stairs down.
The familiar back view of a messy brown hair agent confronted
him on the second step.
'Yuy...!?' he slapped his hand over his mouth. Shit.
The agent turned away.
'Agent Maxwell,' the man replied back solemnly.
They gazed at each other.
Then with a distant nod, the man turned and began descending.
Duo thought his heart was about to rip. He must have made some
sort of noise, because Yuy suddenly turned back with a frown.
'Are you okay?'
'How the hell can I be okay?' Duo screamed at him. 'Why are
The blue Prussian eyes of the agent filled with emotion Duo
couldn't read, nor understand. This infuriated him.
'You fuckin' insensitive raping bastard!'
He took a few steps up.
'You need to burn in Hell, you hear!?'
'Duo- I know.'
It had been less than a fortnight since he had been in the other
man's arms. But the familiar strength of Yuy's arms wrapping
around him again brought back a flash of guilty pleasure even as
he ranted in anger, half-heartedly trying to thrown off the
embrace he so desperately wanted to stay in. But the embrace
only grew tighter, until he exhaustedly lent against Yuy's
'I need you. You did something to me. I don't know why, but now
I can't... I can't....'
'I know.'
'You have to take responsibility...Heero.'
'I will.'
Duo feel Heero shiver against him. Or was it him shivering?
Perhaps they both were.
'I will,' Heero promised huskily.



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