Coils/Kurozu-cho/Death of Innocence/Horizon Expanded




The whoreĺs house was a city of hair

Reds of rusting strings

Sewn up on the windows

And twisted in great spirals

Around the banisters

The thin, strong threads

Spun around doorknobs

Holding them shut

And she, with golden hair spun

Around her neck and wrists

Loosely like a silken scarf


When the kitten died

Her marionette strings turned

Black, the color of twilight

And spun tight around her neck

The windows shattered as the

Rusted hair tightened in

Its midnight

The curls straightening into

Placid rivers

She stared out the window


In Kur˘zu-ch˘, a house of hair

Blackened, broken, yet clean

The slashed strands coiled outside

On the lawn from the smashed windows

Her velvet strands still choked her

But now she could see the sky


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