A/N: This is going to be a Quell

A/N: This is going to be a Quell. *blushes* Sorry can’t resist the awesomeness of that pairing. It’s going to be an AU, not an AR. Yet again…if you don’t like the pairing don’t read the story. This fic is going to be posted on a different site as well. Email me if you want to know where. The reason you have to email me is because I just got back from surgery and I’m feeling a little disorientated but I’d go insane if I couldn’t write *grins wickedly*. Enjoy this story about human kind’s fight against the undead.

Dislcaimer: All the characters in this story except my original ones all belong to Squaresoft. They do not belong to me. This story is fiction and I am not making a profit from writing this.



   Warm blood gushed from a man’s body. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and were lifeless.  He was another victim of a vampire attack.



   A young man sighed in despair. Not another one. He should have been used to that sort of occurrence by now. He was a vampire slayer. It was his duty to protect and to serve.



   And he did.



   The man did his job exceptionally well. Every night he would patrol the town of Balamb and exterminate any vampires or undead creatures he could find. It was all in a day’s work for him.



   But he hated it. He hated the idea that defenseless humans were constantly eaten by the undead. He wanted to stop it once and for all.



   His name was Zell Dincht. He was about 18 or 19 years of age. Oddly he was very mature for a man of his age. Most boys fooled around and made Asses of themselves…but not Zell. Certainly every now and then he would act his age, but when the pike was in his hand…he was a completely different person.



  Sometimes that grown up man would scare him. He constantly wondered about where his childhood had gone. He was no longer a child…but a full-grown man.



   Of course he didn’t appear as tall as full-grown man would be. And his associates constantly teased him for it. When that happened Zell would get extremely upset. Here he was trying to save lives and he was being teased for ‘looking like a chicken’ and being as tall as a women. He couldn’t help it if he was only five feet two inches tall! It was the way he was born. He couldn’t change himself.



   Zell had been told many times to control his unruly temper. Zell tried to heed the advice but whenever someone called him a hurtful name he was bound to lash at out at that person. Sometimes that temper of his would get in the way of his work. If he couldn’t save someone he would get abnormally upset and lock himself in his room. No one was allowed to enter into his sanctity of sorrow if he failed.



   As a slayer failure was not an option. If one failed one had not only failed their self. No…they had failed the entire world. That job had a substantial amount of pressure. That job was too much for Zell Dincht.



   Zell had lost everyone he cared for when he was eight years old. He remembered it as if it were yesterday. He was sleeping soundly in his creaky bed when he heard something smash. Being eight years old he had absolutely no idea what was going on. He didn’t know whether it was a burglar or an undead creature. He had always heard tales of abominations living in the woods near Balamb.



  When he got out of bed he felt strange. As if he knew something was not right. It was pitch dark in his room and he didn’t have time to open his window. He cautiously opened his door. Whatever was in his house, he didn’t want it to come after him. Most of the tales he had heard about the creatures said that no one survived their attacks.



   As he made his way down the dark hall the strange sensation became stronger and stronger. Whatever was in his house was really dangerous. Since he could barely see in front of his face Zell placed his small hands on the cold surface of the wall. As he tiptoed he felt his way down the hall. Zell wanted to make it out alive and not be an undead creatures midnight snack.



  Suddenly his hands felt something metal and cold. It must have been a doorknob. He just hoped it was a doorknob and not a monster.



   His heart was racing in fear as he reached out and turned the device. The door opened with a creak.



  “Mommy, daddy,” he whispered in fear. He heard a rustling of sheets, which meant that they must have heard him.



   “Yes sweetie,” a voice like honey answered him. The little boy visibly sighed in relief. Maybe that loud noise he heard was all just a dream…or maybe not. He had to find out.



   “I think there’s a monster in this house,” he started to become afraid again. What if the creature was listening to him as he spoke? Even worse, what if it were hiding in his bedroom?



   “Sweetie there are no monsters in the house,” she reassured him. “You had a bad dream.” Zell tried to listen to her but he couldn’t shake a feeling that something evil was in his house…maybe even in his room.



   “Mommy I’m scared,” he started to cry. “I don’t want to get eaten by a werewolf.” His mother didn’t answer him, which made the silence even more disturbing. It was quiet…too quiet. He heard another rustling of bed sheets, which probably meant that his father had been woken up as well.



   “Huh…what,” he father groaned, still half asleep. “Hey what are you doing up buddy. You should be in bed.” Tears started to fall from Zell’s face as he cried both in fear and exhaustion. Why didn’t they believe him?



   “There’s a monster in this place,” he sobbed in the fashion of a young boy. “I’m really scared. Please don’t leave me alone. His father chuckled although Zell really couldn’t hear him very well as his sobs were blocking out everything else.



   He didn’t have a glimpse of his loving mother getting out of bed but he could feel her warm, feminine hands on his shoulders. “Sweetie,” she said soothingly. “Do you want me to stay with you until you fall asleep?” Zell sniffed and wiped his nose. He answered with a yes and grabbed her delicate hand. He led her to his room.



  Of course with it being so dark he ended up tripping over his stuffed chocobo. He ended up crying again as he didn’t know it was just a toy. Well he was only eight years old. In the dark the most comforting thing was dangerous. His mother knelt down beside him.



   “Honey,” she whispered. “Where is that monster you’re so afraid of?” Zell pointed outside the door, obviously still terrified.



   “I heard it out in the kitchen,” he whimpered. His mother gave a loving kiss on the forehead and allowed him to show her the way. She must have thought Zell was just having a nightmare. Oh how wrong she was.



  As they carefully made their way downstairs the strange sensation began to build up again in Zell. He started to sweat profusely and wondered what exactly was in the kitchen. A werewolf? A vampire? An undead? He didn’t particularly want to know. He just wanted that experience to just be a dream; a really bad dream that he could wake up from.



   “Zell dear it’s really dark in here,” his mother observed. “Maybe we should have brought a flashlight.”



   “Then it would know we were here,” the young boy whimpered. “And I don’t want it to see me.”



   At that point they were in the living room and the kitchen was just next-door. He could still feel that sensation building up inside him. He knew something was in the kitchen. “Mommy,” he whispered so nothing could hear him. “It’s in the kitchen.” The grip on his hand tightened as his mother squeezed it affectionately.



  “Okay dear,” she went along with his paranoia. “If it’ll help you sleep.” Together the went into the kitchen to investigate.



   His mother went to turn on the lights. Once they came on Zell have trouble seeing clearly due to his pupils becoming smaller. His mother gasped when she found fresh blood on the tiled floor.



  “Oh my goodness,” she gasped. “Who could have done this?” They both heard a growling noise except for Zell it was a lot stronger.



  As soon as he saw the red substance running down the creature’s face he knew it was a vampire. He had been told many times what a vampire would look like. Most had oddly pale skin and had well built bodies. They usually had blood on their lips…especially after feeding.



   This vampire just stared at the two in curiosity. It must have been wondering how the two had heard him. However, soon the look of confusion changed to a look of hunger. Dog’s blood wasn’t a very good meal. And in front of him were two perfectly good meals to satisfy his hunger.



  The vampire moved slowly toward the two humans. If it were going to make its move it would have to make it fast. And Zell’s mother, sensing this, stood in front of her child protectively. “You’re not going to have my son you monster,” she spat. The vampire smiled wickedly. The woman was quite brazen. Then again most mothers acted that way around their chidren.



   “You’re quite brave standing up against a vampire,” it sneered. The woman gave him a disgusted frown that was accentuated by her ocean blue eyes.



   “You can have me,” she explained. “But you aren’t allowed to have my son. Those are my rules. You can either abide by them or die.” The vampire started to chuckle. Zell looked from behind his mothers back. He hoped he wasn’t going to die.



   “If you think you make the rules,” it laughed. “Than you are sadly mistaken. I am Julan…the first vampire ever created. You’re petty weapons are no much for my intellect and skill. But since you have made it clear that you do not want me to feed off you child…I will not. However, You and your husband are not protected from my wrath.”



   The creature literally pounced on her bit her hard in the neck. What came next was a blood-curdling scream from Zell. He jumped on the abomination and tried to stop him from killing her. It didn’t work. The creature just picked him up and threw him against the plywood wall. And that was the last thing he ever remembered.



   When the boy came too, both his parent’s carcasses littered the floor in scattered pieces. Zell sobbed and screamed out towards the heavens. He vowed that he would kill the vampire that took his parents from him. And that was how Zell Dincht, now a young man became a vampire slayer.



   Zell took out a rather small notebook and a ballpoint pen as he studied the victim. Hmm…looks newly dead. Apparently died of lack of blood. There are two small bite marks on the lower part of his neck. Body wasn’t mutilated thank god.



   He always had to do that after an attack. But that wasn’t the worst part for him. No…the worst part was when he actually found the drained bodies. He looked down at the victim’s facial expressions. Damn…this person died in fear! What a fucking horrible way to die. I wouldn’t want to die that way.



   He put away his notebook and pen. He didn’t want to look at the carnage that was left behind by a vampire. No…he just wanted to go back to his home and lock himself in his room again because again…he failed.



A/N: Yes I know this chapter could have been longer. And I realize that Zell is a lot more mature in this fic. It had to be that way. It wouldn’t work as well if he were the same guy we saw in FF8. If any of you are having problems with the fact that Zell may be a little OOC…then just say it. I don’t bite…I only nibble heh heh. Criticism is welcomed since I want to do the best I can on this fic. I’ve thinking of this idea for months! So what do you think? What improvements should I make? Let me know and I’ll edit this. And I promise that the next chapter will be longer. However, most of my first chapters are going to be short because well it’s the introduction. Thank you for reading.






























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