A/N: This is most likely going to be a Quivine

A/N: This is most likely going to be a Quivine. Don’t like? Don’t read. That’s what I always say. This is an AR (alternate reality) fic and is going to take place in Manhattan hence the title ‘Stuck in Manhattan’. This story is about Quistis’s aspiration to be a reporter. And on the way to the top she encounters love, pain, friendship, jealousy and much more.  Enjoy.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are property of Squaresoft and I do not claim ownership of them. This story is fiction and I do not make any profit from writing this.



     My name is Quistis Trepe. I am 25 years old. I never thought I would be going to Manhattan. In fact, I never thought I would be able to leave my country home in Alpine, Wyoming. It was so quiet there…so different from the city.



    I cringed as I heard the train come to a complete stop. Why did those damn things have to be so noisy? Ever since I was little I couldn’t stand loud noises. They would annoy me to the point of insanity.



    I went up the few steps and into the interior of the train. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to take a train to New York City! It was crazy yes, but there was no other faster way to get there. Yeah, I could have taken a plane…but you know how expensive those are right? I just didn’t have that kind of money.



I hurriedly plopped down in the first seat I could find. Maybe all this would change once I became a reporter for New York News. That’s all I ever wanted to be. I remembered that all the other kids in my class became nervous wrecks because of the pressure their parents put on them to be what their parents wanted them to be.



    That never happened to me. My ‘parents’ supported me in every decision I made. I said ‘parents’ that way because they weren’t really my parents.



    My mom passed away after experiencing complications of childbirth. It was quite unfortunate for me. And my father… he died in the Gulf War. I never even had a chance to meet him. It was really unfortunate. The only evidence I had of them was a heart shaped locket that my dad gave to my mom.



And it was beautiful.



   How could something so fragile, so beautiful be given to me? I would have broken it already if it weren’t for Matron’s watchful eye. Yes, she was my foster mother and Cid was my foster father. They were quite the loving family, which I found refreshing.



   During my childhood I went from foster family to foster family trying to find the right one. Each one was more dysfunctional than the last. I remembered that one family I had stayed with temporarily allowed their son to piss on the street! Now wasn’t that illegal?



   After a while I grew tired of being shipped from family to family. I just wanted a place that I could call home. Was that too much to ask?



   Eventually I found that place. When I was 12 years old Matron and Cid decided that they wanted to adopt me, as they couldn’t have any children themselves. I forgot the reason why they couldn’t have children but it didn’t matter. I was just excited to be adopted by such loving foster parents.



   I remembered that for Christmas Matron bought me my favorite book: ‘The Witching Hour’ by Anne Rice. And Cid…he bought me a black and white camera. That’s all I got that Christmas and that’s all I would ever need.



   Not many people in Alpine had a ton of money considering it was in the country and there wasn’t much civilization there. I thought the population was 250 at one time. Nonetheless I never made a big deal of the fact that we could barely pay the bills. We were a family. That’s all that mattered to me.



   I took a look at the beautiful locket. It had the name ‘Quistis’ engraved on the front. I wondered when this was made? Could my mom have been one of those moms who were just so sure that her daughter was going to be a girl? I sighed. I would never know.



   I opened the fine piece of jewelry and glanced at the pictures of my parents. My mom was a beautiful brunette with mysterious green eyes and my dad a blond with brilliant blue eyes. I smiled. So that’s were I got my looks from? I might as well have been a female version of my father. Ah well, this was no big surprise to me. I had looked at those pictures over a hundred times already.



   I was a natural blond. Always have been and always would. I disliked changing my hair color for any reason at all. I could never understand why so many girls wanted to dye their hair blond, brown, red, and black within a year. Didn’t they like themselves the way they were? Security issues could really show on a person.



  I never said that I didn’t have any security issues. I did. Even though I was a pretty popular girl at my high school didn’t mean that I never obsessed over my weight or worried about getting another pimple. I was like any other girl in school except for one thing: I never showed it. I never whined about my acne or complained about how I thought I was gaining some pounds. It really hurt your image if you did that and I never wanted to hurt my image.



  You would think that since I was so popular I would have gotten more than one boyfriend in high school. Wrong. I was more of a serious relationship kind of girl and I didn’t particularly want to have some guy screw my brains out on my first date. My boyfriend at that time was a jock and strangely understood my feelings. I was shocked when he told me he was a virgin. Most guys lost it the first chance they could.



   His name was Eric and we broke up after about 4 years. Well, we started going out in my freshman year so it all clicks in. Why did we break up? Well I had to go to college didn’t I?



   I’d never forget the last night we were together. We were just sitting on my bed talking when he told me he loved me. I was a little surprised at his sudden change of character. Usually he just sat there and waited for me to tell him I loved him. That’s what always ended up happening.



   “Eric,” I asked him. “What are you thinking about?” He gave me a smile. Not his usual ‘hey how you doing’ smile. No…this was a mysterious knowing smile.



   “Quisty,” he softly announced. “I want to make love to you.” I was slightly taken aback by this statement. Eric wanted to make love to me the night before graduation?



   “But Eric,” I protested. “We’re never going to see each other again remember? You’re moving to California to study law and I’m going to study journalism here. It’ll never work.” Then he gave me those disappointed eyes of his. Still I shook my head. “I can’t.”



  “Quistis,” he asked. “What are you afraid of?” I just looked at him with my sapphire blue eyes. He knew what I was afraid of.



   “I don’t want to ruin your life. What if something goes wrong and I become pregnant? You’d be forced to stay here and help me raise my child. I don’t want to do it. I won’t make love to you.” He just muttered a fine and left me alone. I knew what he was going to do. He was going to find some slut to satisfy his sexual needs. I sighed. Sometimes men made me sick.



   I remembered the very next morning and we had broken up. Matron was knocking on my door in order to tell me that I had to get up for school. After I got dressed I headed downstairs to the kitchen. Cid wasn’t up yet I could tell. And Matron, with her long ebony hair hanging in the middle of her back was making breakfast. When she heard me enter she turned around and smiled, her dark eyes glittering at my presence. She was exquisitely beautiful and didn’t look 40 at all.



    She was probably the only one who could sense something was wrong. And she asked me about it too. I finally told her about the breakup and she understood. She told me that she went through a few breakups when she was in high school and that the feeling of pain would eventually pass. I smiled. Sometimes I wished she were my real mom.



    I continued to stare out my window. The fog outside must all well have been a symbol for my future since I had no idea what was going to happen next. Life liked to do that to you every now and then. I hated it.



   I’d like it if life didn’t always change. Why couldn’t it just stay the same once in a while? It went from joyous to depressing and vice versa. So annoying.



   Another thing I despised was pressure. Although I could take it better than most I could do without it once in a while. Everyone. Everyone expected me to be the best.



   I didn’t know how long I could keep that up.



  I wasn’t the best. I never was the best. Sure I was the number one student in my district and I always got A’s but did that really mean anything?



   Everyone always went to me for advice and questions they had on their homework. When I ran for president I had a mandate. I was the perfect leader in everyone’s mind.



   Many guys also considered me the perfect girlfriend in my school. Had I been less of an ice queen I would have had a lot more dates. It seemed that every time I turned around people were staring at me in awe. Men wanted to have me, women wanted to be me. And I never could understand why.



   I was the same as them, another human trying to make it in the world. I couldn’t understand why I got so much publicity. It just got on my nerves.



   I felt myself drift off to sleep as I began to think about my future, my life, and me. What was going to happen to me? Only time would tell I guess.



A/N: Yes…I know…it’s pretty damn short. Well…you should probably know that the next chapter is going to be MUCH longer. And I plan on making a lot more happen in the next chapter. Til next Time!


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