Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
  2. Registration
  3. Posting/ Updating Stories
  4. Searching the Database

  1. General
  2. Q: What is this Fan Fiction section all about?

    A: Basically it is just a service for people who are looking for a place to post their fan work.

  3. Registration
  4. Q: Do I have to register?
    A: Only if you are planning on posting your own stories at the Gundam Wing Universe.

    Q: Do I have to provide an e-mail address?
    A: Yes! After signup an activation e-mail will be send to you. If you donít provide a valid e-mail address you will be unable to activate (and use) your account. Accounts that have not been activated 30 days after sign up will be removed.

    Q: What about privacy? I donít like my e-mail address openly displayed.
    A: Once you have activated your account feel free to edit your profile and remove your e-mail address.

    Q: Can I change my Pen name?
    A: No. Since your Pen name is your user name to which all features in the database are connected it can not be changed via the edit profile section. If you really have to change it you need to email the webmistress ( and she will take care of it.

  5. Posting/Updating Stories
  6. Q: Whatís the difference between files with txt and html extensions?
    A: The biggest difference is that txt files are plain text files that donít support underline, bold or italic while html files do support those features and more.

    If you have written your stories on MS Word or WordPad I suggest you save them as html files so you donít loose your formatting

    Q: I uploaded a file and when I looked at my story all the line breaks are gone. What happened?
    A: In the upload form you selected html when your file was a txt file. Just go back to the edit section and reload the file using the correct format.

    Q: If I delete a chapter will I loose my reviews for it?
    A: No you will only loose your reviews if you delete the entire story.

  7. Searching the Database

Q: Does the search engine support "or" or "and" ?
A: Sorry, but not at this point of time

Q: Do I have to search for whole words or phrases?
A: You can search for anything you want. If you search for an author put in just a letter or a couple of letters and the search engine will provide you will a list of authors whoís pen name starts with those letters. When searching for titles I suggest you search for at least a whole word or a phrase or you will end up with a lot of matches.

Q: I searched pairings and put in 13x5, 6x5 and didnít get any results. But I know there are stories with those pairings.
A: Sorry, if searching pairings try one at a time. I promise Iíll upgrade the search engine in the future but for the time being it only supports very basic features.