Donation drive!

 Ever since I put up this archive I'd decided that I wanted to keep is advertisement free, because one of my biggest peeves with other websites is all the pop-ups, banners and advertisement logos plastered all over them.
However, the site is costing me more than $600 per year to maintain and at the moment things are a little tighter than usually for me (as probably for anyone else in the current economy). But rather than raising money from sponsors I'd ask those who come to this site to enjoy and/or post their stories for a small donation.

 A buck here or there could go a long way, so if you have any spare change burning a hole into your pocket please donate via PayPal  to
I know PayPal is somewhat funny about  adult related material, so it would probably best not to mention the site name/url when you donate.  

Thank you so much.

A big Thank You for the donations so generously made by:

Malin Anderson  (In2lalaland)
Catherine Stoll  (windryder)
Megan Berrend 
Judy Chiang
Cheri Weems
Doris Liu
Natalie Kosasih
Ebonie Williams
Jenny Lam